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We have introduced many nice dock speakers for iPhone and iPod. But if you want to enjoy your favorite music in wireless way, you can use Bluewave Bluetooth audio receiver to convert your dock speaker into a wireless speaker system.

Bluewave Bluetooth Audio Receiver

You can easily take the boombox on your shoulder, but you’d better connect the Boombox styled mini speaker with your iPod or iPhone if you want to share your favorite music with friends on the go.

Mini Boombox Dock Speaker

We have introduced a few nice portable speakers with Bluetooth technology. But if you want to freely place every speaker unit, the following DBEST PS4003BT portable wireless speaker system may be more suitable for you.

DBEST PS4003BT Portable Wireless Speaker System

We have featured all kinds of dock speakers for iPhone. But if you prefer handmade wooden gadgets, the following iPhone dock speaker should be able to draw your more attention.

Handmade Wooden iPhone Dock Speaker

The cute robot has been ready to deliver you your favorite music. If you like this kind of robot design, let’s go on checking Musibytes rechargeable robot portable speaker.

Musibytes Rechargeable Robot Portable Speaker

Don’t be cheated by its looks, the apple doesn’t fill your stomach. But if you want to enjoy your favorite music on the go, the apple shaped portable speaker will help you.

Apple Shaped Portable Speaker

As a faithful fan of Google Android, you must have collected many Android mini figures. But if you want more functions, the following Android robot styled MP3 player may be able to catch your eyes.


It looks really like a delicious donut, but for your stomach. Of course, if you just want to enjoy your favorite comfortably, the iRiver Sound Donut portable wireless speaker will help you.

iRiver Sound Donut Portable Wireless Speaker