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Want to create a powerful speaker system with multiple audio units? Take a look at the Core portable Bluetooth speaker, it may be a nice solution.

The Core Portable Bluetooth Speaker

iHome recently released iBN6, their latest portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Need a robust on-the-go audio? The portable speaker may be suitable for you.

iHome iBN6 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Cambridge Audio has announced three new Bluetooth speakers, including Go, Go Radio and Bluetone 100. If you’re also keen on FM radio, the second Go Radio portable speaker may be more suitable for you.

Cambridge Audio Go Radio Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Audio Pro has released Addon T9, their latest Bluetooth speaker. Need a premium and portable speaker to play beautiful music at home? Let’s go on checking.

Audio Pro Addon T9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Samsung has announced a new portable Bluetooth speakerLevel Box mini. If you focus on playback time, the portable speaker featuring 25-hour music play time may draw your more attention.

Samsung Level Box Mini Bluetooth Speaker Announced

Sorry, it’s not your favorite doughnut, but if you also like beautiful music, the following Hoop portable Bluetooth speaker may also draw your attention.

Hoop Doughnut Shaped Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Need an easy-to-carry stereo to play your favorite music anywhere? Take a look at Philips BT3500B/37 portable Bluetooth speaker, it may be a suitable solution.

Philips BT3500B37 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with NFC

The wireless speaker not only plays your favorite music, but also provides you a wireless way to charge your mobile devices. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking LUXA2’s GroovyW portable Bluetooth speaker with wireless charging station.

LUXA2 GroovyW Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station