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Want a portable speaker to enjoy your favorite music and radio stations? Have a look at iHome’s iBN180BC bluetooth speaker with FM radio, USB charger and alarm clock, it may catch your eyes.

iHome iBN180BC Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio, USB Charger and Alarm Clock

Grace Digital recently released Grace Primo, a new wireless Internet radio adapter with wireless audio receiver. If you’re keen on various radio stations, the adapter may be suitable for you.

Grace Digital Primo Internet Radio Adapter with Wireless Audio Receiver

Need a versatile bedside companion to wake you up every morning, enhance your sleep and play your favorite music? Take a look at Tranquil Moments bedside Bluetooth speaker with sleep sounds and alarm clock, it may be a nice solution.

Tranquil Moments Bedside Bluetooth Speaker with Sleep Sounds and Alarm Clock

iLuv has released TimeShaker Micro, its latest Bluetooth speaker with FM radio, pillow shaker and USB charger. If you need these functions on your bedside table, it may be a nice option.

iLuv TimeShaker Micro Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio and Pillow Shaker

Soundfreaq has released its latest portable Bluetooth speaker – Pocket Kick. Want to put stereo audio in your pocket? Let’s go on checking the wireless speaker.

Soundfreaq Pocket Kick Bluetooth Speaker

Finally, wireless charging solution and Bluetooth audio streaming have been put together. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the following Orée Pebble 2 wireless charger with Bluetooth speaker.

Orée Pebble 2 Wireless Charger with 360-Degree Bluetooth Speaker

Want to use your speaker to enjoy your favorite music, radio stations and wake you up in the morning? Take a look at Soundfreaq’s New Sound Rise Bluetooth speaker with alarm clock, it may be a nice solution.

Soundfreaq New Sound Rise Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock

Motorola has also released its latest wireless audio receiver – Moto Stream. Want to turn your home speaker wireless for streaming music from your smartphone or tablet? The wireless receiver may be a nice solution.

Motorola Moto Stream Wireless Audio Receiver