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I have to admit I lack the enough creativity to assemble a splendid robot model with a pile of recycled electronic parts. Perhaps it’s the soul of found art.

Found Art Robot Sculptures by Andrea Petrachi

Samurai robot for food delivery in Hajime Robot Restaurant

I really appreciate the robotic idea in the Hajime Robot Restaurant, a Japanese restaurant which is located at Monopoly Park in Bangkok, Thailand.

Star Wars R2-D2 emerges in our world

I believe every fan of Star Wars has not forgotten the cute robot R2-D2. But I guess you might know who the predecessor of the D2-D2 is.


Not everyone has the LEGO Mindstorm Robotics Kit, but if you have, perhaps it also can turn into the following Rubik’s Cube-solving Robot: Tilted Twister, created by Hans Andersson.

Not Decepticon Insect Transformers but Insect-like Robots

I’m not sure whether to exist some Decepticon Insect Transformers, but the video from Youtube is so amazing. However, we wouldn’t talk about the authenticity, but the handmade robotic insects by Adam Claflin.


Micro Pets-i is a smart tiny robot designed by Japanese company Takara Tomy.

ROPID: A Sweet High-tech Robot

ROPID is a sweet small size robot, developed by Tomotaka Takahashi of Robo Garage at Tokyo University.