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Have you remembered those impressive APUs (Armored Personnel Units) in Matrix Revolutions? Now a simple prototype of APU appeared in the street of Japan.

Simple Armored Personnel Unit From Japan Instead of Zion

It’s a little pity the transformable sport car doesn’t have a sign of Autobots. But as a fun USB flash drive, the super robot is very perfect.

Transformable Sport Car Robot USB Flash Drive

Aldebaran company from France has signed an agreement with University of Tokyo. Later this year University of Tokyo will use 30 Nao robots to teach computer science.

French NAO Robots Visiting Japan

Apparently not all Transformers need the energy from All Spark such as the following real-life Autobot. It seems the robot might more like a bottle of beer.

Real-Life Transformers Autobot in Action

No doubt, those crumbs, chips on desktop always worsen our moods. The many solutions exist, the cute robot handheld mini vacuum cleaner is one of them.

Robot Handheld Mini Vacuum Cleaner

We’ve introduced several robot USB flash drives, apparently it’s the first one marked a tag of limited edition. Well, let’s go on checking what different the robot features.

Limited Edition Stealth Robot USB Flash Drive

What can some pieces of cardboard be used for? Apparently it’s not only used for a speaker. On cardboard we also can dress up as a giant cardboard robot.

Amazing Giant Cardboard Robot

We believe you still remembered the exquisite robot USB hub introduced yesterday. The following robots look so similar with them. But they are USB flash drives instead of 4-port USB hub.

Colorful Robot USB Flash Drive