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Apparently a smaller MP3 player is more convenient to carry. The sugar cube-size Kube tiny MP3 player is the best proof, only don’t put it in your mouth, it’s not waterproof.

Kube Tiny MP3 Player

Sony recently unveiled its latest MP3 player: Sony Waterproof W250 Walkman.

New Sony Waterproof Walkman W250


This gadget is named as Clone Wars I-Twin MP3 Player/Alarm Clock, obviously, it’s inspired from Star Wars.

Tiny Samsung TicToc MP3 player

Recently, Samsung rolled out its latest MP3 player named as TicToc, a so sweet and tiny MP3 player.

Icoo m100hdc pmp charming babe

ICOO, a Chinese company released its latest PMP(portable media player), M100HDC, which features 4.8-inch TFT display with 16 million colors, IrDA, up to 8GB TF card slot as well FM radio, ebook reader and built-in mic.


For the same reason of loving digital gadgets from South Korea, I also like digital devices from Taiwan.

Armour Home Q2 Internet Radio

Take a look at the cubes with bright colors, in fact , they are the latest portable Internet radio called Q2, designed by Armour Home, a audio company from UK.

Cube H600HD: The Thinnest HD PMP

H600HD is designed by Cube (酷比魔方), a digital manufacturer in China. Cube H600HD claims to the thinnest HD PMP all over world. We can’t grasp the all sizes of pmps in the world, but its thick of 6.99mm exactly arrested me.