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Professional gold gadgets maker, Goldgenie recently released its latest limited edition gold iPod Touch with Usain Bolt’s signature.

Limited Edition Usain Bolt Signature Gold iPod Touch

We’ve seen the golden Xbox 360 mod and many modifications by Swarovski crystals. Now Xbox 360 and Swarovski crystals meet together.

Swarovski Crystals Xbox 360 Mod by CrystalRoc

Customized Swarovski Crystals Scooter

Many of us especially those fashionable girls love the Swarovski crystals. Unlike the gadgets of Swarovski crystals introduced before, this is a big one: Kymco scooter.

Golden Xbox 360 Mod by Computer Choppers

I’m sure it’s not the first luxury modification created by Computer Choppers. Before the 24kt gold Xbox 360, they have forged the incredible 24kt gold Sony Playstation 3.