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Vertu has released its latest luxury smartphone – Signature Touch. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking what features have been equipped in the smartphone with a $11300 price tag.

Vertu Signature Touch Luxury Smartphone Released

What’s Intimacy Black? Apparently we’d seen the high tech fashionable garment last year. Now the Intimacy Black has been released. Back to the title, will you buy the hot dress for your girlfriend if it’s available now?

If the Hot Dress Called Intimacy Black is Available Now

It’s called Arcade 80’s Truck, but, apparently the inspiration didn’t come from a truck. Let’s go on checking the luxury arcade machine with iPod dock if you like it.

Luxury Arcade Machine with iPod Dock

All innovative gadgets will be dressed up in the stunning Swarovski crystals. Apparently this is why it’s called CrystalRoc. Now it’s turn of iPhone 4.

Swarovski Crystals iPhone 4 Cover by CrystalRoc

Apparently Gucci, the famous luxury brand wouldn’t like to fall behind. Now Gucci unveiled its latest iPad case, following Louis Vuitton.

Gucci iPad Case

Undoubtedly this solid gold limited edition iPad Supreme isn’t suitable for me. Of course, it’s not the iPad’s fault. Just, I can’t afford the luxury gadget. But you might afford it.

Solid Gold Limited Edition iPad Supreme Valued at $192k

We have owned the luxury gold Xbox 360. But a gold MacBook had not been put into our showcase. Now the situation has changed because of the 24 carat gold MacBook Air.


I’m not clearly sure whether Louis Vuitton is the first luxury goods maker aimed to the latest Apple iPad. But we could picture what the Louis Vuitton iPad case looks like although the luxury iPad case isn’t still on the market.

Louis Vuitton iPad Case Luxury Enough