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Bombarded by dreaded Kryptonite, Super Man’s spoon had turned into Super Spoon Man. Well, never mind the little joke, but if you’re a fan of superheroes, the Souper: a superhero action figure styled spoon should be suitable for you.

Superhero Action Figure Styled Spoon

We like Twitter, also like that iconic Fail Whale, so we always search various whale themed gadgets such as the following whale measuring cup set.

Cute Whale Measuring Cup Set

You like Coca-Cola? Then you may like to put the two little Coca-Cola bottle styled salt and pepper shakers in your kitchen to inspire your cooking time.

Coca-Cola Salt and Pepper Shakers

Following the former TDK speaker system, let’s go on checking the another unique audio system, no doubt, the Boombox pillow set will let you more comfortably enjoy your music.

Boombox Pillow Set

We know you’ve owned the amusing ATARI joystick gum box. But if you’re a big fan of ATARI, you may like to build an ATARI joystick jewelry box.

Make Your Own ATARI Joystick Jewelry Box

Like those vintage instant photos, but don’t have a retro Polaroid? Then maybe you can use the amusing instant photo frame decals to turn normal photos into instant photos.

Vintage Instant Photo Frame Decals

LEGO 4060 Multi Basket

March 28, 2011 | In: House Life, Toys

Want a LEGO way to store your Lego bricks or other things? Check out the following 4060 LEGO multi basket, maybe it can meet your requirements.

LEGO 4060 Multi Basket

You’re a faithful Pacman fan, and have dozens of relevant gadgets? But if you still lack a homemade Pacman, the following Pacman perpetual calendar will give you a perfect solution.

Make Your Own Pacman Perpetual Calendar