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We have featured many Angry Birds themed gadgets and toys, but if you still feel not enough, let’s go on checking the Angry Birds themed key cap set.

Angry Birds Themed Key Cap Set

Want to add some fun when opening your favorite beer? No doubt, the sports sound bottle opener is a nice solution. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Sports Sound Bottle Opener Doubles As Fridge Magnet

Want to bake the following Space Invader themed cake for your geek friends? If you have the Space Invaders themed cake mold, apparently it will not be hard.

Space Invaders Themed Cake Mold

You’re a computer geek who always faces your ultimate computer? but you also need to get in touch with nature. If you have no time, some plants and fishes beside computer should be a nice idea, so let’s go on checking Modular Fish Hotel aquarium.

Modular Fish Hotel Aquarium

At first, don’t scare your mom with the powerful power strip. Second, it’s surely a great power strip. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking Wet Circuit water resistant power strip.

Wet Circuit Water Resistant Power Strip

We have featured several Rubik’s Cube inspired gadgets, but as a fan of Rubik’s Cube, apparently it’s not enough, then let’s go on checking the Rubik’s Cube Styled coaster set.

Rubik's Cube Styled Coaster Set

It seems the cute M&M’s spokescandy is also a bi fan of Star Wars. If you like both M&M’s and Star Wars, let’s go on checking the Star Wars themed M&M’s money bank.

Star Wars Themed M&M's Money Bank

As a faithful fan of Harry Potter, you must have seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the last part of Harry Potter movie series, but you may not see the Harry Potter Magical Chopsticks.

Harry Potter Magical Chopsticks