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DIY Woodcraft Table Lamp

September 14, 2011 | In: DIY Gadgets, House Life

You’re looking for a new, unique table lamp for your new school life? Check out the DIY woodcraft table lamp, in addition to illumination, maybe it can also bring you some other fun.

DIY Woodcraft Table Lamp

Apparently these miniature wooden pallets are not used to support heavy goods, but the wooden pallet styled coaster set is perfect to hold all kinds of cups.

Wooden Pallet Styled Coaster Set

We know you have owned the classic word game and Scrabble apps, but if you want to start a new match on fridge door, the Scrabble fridge magnet set should be mire suitable for you.

Scrabble Fridge Magnet Set

Kelvin.23 Multi-Tool

September 9, 2011 | In: House Life

Apparently the super tool doesn’t have a cooler look than the Space Invader multi-tool, but if you need more functions, the Kelvin.23 multi-tool should be more suitable for you.

Kelvin.23 Multi-Tool

Super7 recently announced the inaugural release of Star Wars x Super7 Collection: The Imperial Force Wallpaper. If you’re a faithful fan of Star Wars who wants to decorate your room with the elements from Star Wars, let’s go on checking.

Super7 Star Wars Imperial Forces Wallpaper

Hoon Mug: A Thermos Flask Cup

September 7, 2011 | In: House Life

Winter is coming. It’s time to prepare a cute mug for your favorite hot drink and coffee. Of course, it must be able to keep hot drinks hot such as Hoon Mug: a thermos flash cup.

Hoon Mug: A Thermos Flask Cup

You have completed your “Pacman World” themed room with various Pacman gadgets? Not yet? Then the Pacman themed fleece blanket may be suitable for you.

Pacman Themed Fleece Blanket

Takara Tomy recently released its latest Clockman iD talking alarm clock. If you want an alarm clock to wake you up every morning in Japanese, Clockman iD may be more suitable for you.

Clockman iD Talking Alarm Clock Wakes You Up in Japanese