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We have featured several Rubik’s Cube inspired gadgets, but as a fan of Rubik’s Cube, apparently it’s not enough, then let’s go on checking the Rubik’s Cube Styled coaster set.

Rubik's Cube Styled Coaster Set

It seems the cute M&M’s spokescandy is also a bi fan of Star Wars. If you like both M&M’s and Star Wars, let’s go on checking the Star Wars themed M&M’s money bank.

Star Wars Themed M&M's Money Bank

As a faithful fan of Harry Potter, you must have seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the last part of Harry Potter movie series, but you may not see the Harry Potter Magical Chopsticks.

Harry Potter Magical Chopsticks

We’re in the digital age full of USB gadgets. If you’re not sure whether you have enough USB ports to feed your devices, let’s go on checking U-Socket wall outlet with two USB ports.

U-Socket Wall Outlet with Two USB Ports

A huge ghost had run into your house. Where did you leave your Pacman phone? like these cute 8-bit guys? Let’s go on checking the handmade Pacman Ghost coffee table.

Handmade Pacman Ghost Coffee Table

You have many gadgets and toys to show your love to Star Trek? Do you have the Star Trek Enterprise and Shuttle salt and pepper shakers? Not yet? Let’s go on checking.

Star Trek Enterprise and Shuttle Salt and Pepper Shakers

Facebook’s Like button can be used to show your love to the favorite contents on the Internet. But now it has a new function. Don’t believe? Let’s go on checking Facebook Like button styled hanger.

Facebook Like Button Styled Hanger

No doubt, AK-47 is a powerful war gear, but now the assault rifle has been put on the desk for illumination. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the handmade AK-47 styled table lamp.

Handmade AK-47 Styled Table Lamp