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Apparently several minifigure shaped ice cube floating in your cup don’t make you look cooler in front of your girlfriend. How? The stainless steel ice cube with tray set may be able to help you.

Stainless Steel Ice Cube with Tray Set

We like playing crossword puzzles, although we’re not masters. If you also like the puzzle game, the playable crossword wall clock should be able to catch your eyes.

Playable Crossword Wall Clock

Apparently you can’t use the special NES gamepad to enjoy those classic 8-bit video games, but if you want to cut something, the NES gamepad styled cutting board should be able to help you.

NES Gamepad Styled Cutting Board

The R2-D2 mailbox is created to celebrate Star Wars 30th anniversary, but now the cute mailbox has turned into a money bank for your coins.

Star Wars R2-D2 Mailbox Money Bank

No doubt, a real laptop doesn’t apply to your kid, but if your kid want a cool laptop, iWood – My First Laptop should be a perfect gift for him or her.

iWood - My First Laptop Blackboard

We have introduced a few DSLR camera lens shaped mugs, but if you need a more drinking friendly mug, Into Focus DSLR camera lens coffee mug may be more suitable for you.

Into Focus DSLR Camera Lens Coffee Mug

We have many ways to close to the nature, but if you have no much time, putting a creative fish tank with two swimming golden fishes in your room should be a nice idea such as the following Fishscape fish tank.

Fishscape Fish Tank

Which one or more social networks are your favorite? No matter Facebook or Twitter, you should be able to find out the favorite icons from the social media fridge magnet set.

Social Media Fridge Magnet Set