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We have various cable organizers to manage boring cables on the desk, but for the cables under the computer desk, Plug Hub should be more suitable.

Plug Hub Organizes the Tangled Cables under Computer Desk

You still remember that Death Star shaped cookie jar? But if you prefer the iconic villain in Star Wars, let’s go oh checking Darth Vader cookie jar.

Star Wars Darth Vader Cookie Jar

Do you know where the famous Angry Birds live? Now let’s go on checking the following cupcake nests, you’ll find out the answer soon.

Cupcake Nests for Angry Birds

You feel that LEGO brick alarm clock is too big to fit your ? Then the smaller LEGO brick shaped alarm clock should be more suitable for you.

LEGO Brick Shaped Alarm Clock

Which kind of wall clock is your favorite, simple or complex? If you prefer the former, the following elegant wooden wall clock may be suitable for you.

Elegant Wooden Wall Clock

As we know, light bulbs are used to illuminate, but if you wish it can also wake you up from bed, let’s go on checking Quirky Watt Time alarm clock.

Quirky Watt Time Alarm Clock

Want an eco-friendly way to enjoy your favorite radio stations? Check out the solar powered AM FM radio with hand crank, maybe it can meet your taste.

Solar Powered AM FM Radio with Hand Crank

Chill Pill Mini Light

April 20, 2011 | In: House Life

Chill pill can not only makes you feel calm, but also make light around you. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Chill Pill mini light.

Chill Pill Mini Light