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Don’t be confused by the shape. The can doesn’t preload Coca-Cola. But if you want, you can use Cuppa Can coffee mug to enjoy your favorite coffee or beverage.

Cuppa Can An Aluminum Can Styled Coffee Mug

Ribbon Modular Baking Pan

December 16, 2011 | In: House Life

We have featured a few cool cookie cutters for unique delicious cookies. But if you want to bake an epic heart-shaped cake, Ribbon modular baking pan should be able to help you.

Ribbon Modular Baking Pan

How can you eat the delicious cookies all alone? If you’re a big fan of Portal video game series, the Portal Weighted Companion Cube cookie jar should be a nice container to share cookies or other snacks with friends.

Portal Weighted Companion Cube Cookie Jar

Need some fresh ideas to decorate your Christmas tree? If you’re a big fan of Angry Birds, the Angry Birds plush Christmas tree decorations with Santa hats may be suitable for you.

Angry Birds Plush Christmas Tree Decorations with Santa Hats

Same as that great white shark, the white octopus also like coffee, so don’t be scared by the octopus when you drink coffee with the octopus surprise coffee mug.

Octopus Surprise Coffee Mug

We have featured a few well-designed table lamps. But if you want to deploy a robot on your desk, Robolamp robot styled table lamps should be able to catch your eyes.

Robolamp Robot Styled Table Lamps

We can not only use a pair of unique high heels to enjoy our favorite music, but also open deciduous beverage. Don’t believe? Let’s go on checking the high heel shaped bottle opener.

High Heel Shaped Bottle Opener

We have introduced many impressive 8-bit gadgets and creations. But if you want to create your own 8-bit works, the 8-bit cubes fridge magnet set may be able to catch your eyes.

8-Bit Cube Fridge Magnet Set