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Need a simple way to monitor local weather around your house? Take a look at BloomSky, the smart weather station with HD camera may be a nice solution.

BloomSky Smart Weather Station with HD Camera

iLuv has released TimeShaker Micro, its latest Bluetooth speaker with FM radio, pillow shaker and USB charger. If you need these functions on your bedside table, it may be a nice option.

iLuv TimeShaker Micro Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio and Pillow Shaker

These blueprints clearly show you the constructions of those iconic vehicles in Star Wars. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the Ultimate blueprint styled Star Wars poster set.

The Ultimate Blueprint Styled Star Wars Poster Set

It’s a special fixed-gear bicycle designed for your favorite pizza and sporting enthusiasm. If you like the sport, let’s go on checking the fixie bike pizza cutter.

Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter

Many people who are using cloud storage services more and more focus on file security and privacy. Take a look at WEDG, the secure cloud storage solution may be a nice option.

WEDG Secure Cloud Storage Solution

It’s not only a storage box, but also a creativity platform. If you like building something with LEGO bricks, the Cubie storage box with six brick baseplates may catch your eyes.

Cubie Storage Box with Six Brick Baseplates

Need a large storage to save your numerous photos and videos or a comfortable way to enjoy your favorite movies? Have a look at EzeeCube, the modular media hub may be a nice solution.

EzeeCube Modular Media Hub

The diver is not that diver can brew your favorite tea, but he is able to bring you soft light when you work or enjoy your interested videos beside your computer. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the cute diver mood light.

The Pretty Cute Diver Mood Light