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Sorry, the huge Rubik’s Cube can’t be used to exercise your brain, but if you want to keep your beverages or food cool or warm, the Rubik’s Cube mini fridge will help you.

The Rubik's Cube Mini Fridge

We have introduced lots of pretty cool art prints, but if you want a more convenient way to display various digital art, Electric Objects, a framed computer may draw your attention.

Electric Objects A Framed Computer for Digital Art

We have seen TARDIS inspired beach towels, but apparently it’s not enough to feed your desire for Doctor Who themed gadgets. Right? Let’s go on checking the Doctor Who bath towel set.

Doctor Who Bath Towel Set

Need a secure and affordable smart home monitoring system to guard your home? Take a look at Blink, it may be a nice option to monitor your house.

Blink Smart Home Monitoring System

Don’t worry, the tiny Death Star isn’t a tread to your house, and it will help you more easily open your drawer. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the Star Wars Death Star cabinet drawer knob.

Star Wars Death Star Cabinet Drawer Knob

Apparently the Borg cube doesn’t have enough power to destroy anything in your house, but it can bring you fresh foods and beverages. Curious? Let’s go on checking the Star Trek Borg cube mini fridge.

Star Trek Borg Cube Mini Fridge

Some smart devices let us control our appliances via our smartphones, but if you need an easier and more intuitive way, the following Conduct will let you control home devices via an light switch.

The Conduct Lets You Control Home Devices via Light Switch

No doubt, the beloved coffe mug is designed for those shutterbugs. If you like this kind of way to hold you’d favorite beverages, let’s go on checking the ceramic camera mug.

The Ceramic Camera Mug