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No doubt, these are our familiar characters from Galaxy Empire. Want them to guard your room? Let’s go on checking the Star Wars character canvas art prints.

Star Wars Character Canvas Art Prints

Your feet also need a way to rest when you sit back against in your seat. Take a look Fuut, the hammock for your feet should be a nice solution.

Fuut A Hammock for Your Feet

Forget those bulky electronic safes. If you’re a tech savvy, the following Vault app-enabled smart safe may be a more suitable solution for your secret documents.

Vault App-Enabled Smart Safe

Apparently many of these popular titles don’t fit for little children, but the talented designer gave us a unique kid-friendly perspective to view those popular games, films and TV shows. Let’s go on checking Storytime Little Golden Book inspired art prints.

Storytime Little Golden Book Inspired Art Prints

Want to conveniently use those wall outlets that have been blocked by your furniture? Take a look at the wall mounted power strip, it may be a nice solution.

The Wall Mounted Power Strip

You may have a home monitoring system, but not all the systems monitor gas leakage. If you also need the function, the following Kepler smart home gas detector may be able to catch your eyes.

Kepler Smart Home Gas Detector

The Caddy not only makes your smartphone upright, but also keeps your coffee mug, remote control and tablet securely in place when you enjoy your favorite TV series. Curious? Let’s go on checking the Caddy side table.

Caddy Tech Friendly Side Table

Want a large screen to enjoy your favorite mobile games, videos or present your great projects? Take a look at TouchPico, you may like to use the pico projector to turn any surface into a touch screen.

TouchPico Pico Projector Turns Any Surface into Touch Screen