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Need a more flexible way to deploy your power strip in your workspace? Take a look at PowerClamp, the new power strip may be able to meet your requirements.

PowerClamp Power Strip

We have introduced a set of Adventure Time cookie cutters. But if you’re not so good at making cookies, you may like to check these handmade Adventure Time cookies with royal icing.

The Handmade Adventure Time Cookies with Royal Icing

We have seen many interesting cookie cutters, but if you like Firefly TV series, the following Firefly cookie cutter set should be able to draw your more attention.

The Firefly Cookie Cutter Set

How to show your amazing high score of Flappy Bird to your friends? Forget your social media accounts, the Flappy Bird inspired night light will be a cooler way.

The Handmade Flappy Bird Inspired Night Light

We have seen many well-designed night lights and desk lamps, but if you’re a big fan of Adventure Time, the following handmade night light may draw your more attention.

The Handmade Adventure Time Inspired Night Light

How to enjoy your favorite coffee or tea? If you’re a shutter bug, the vintage camera inspired photo mug may be able to catch your eyes.

Vintage Camera Inspired Photo Coffee Mug

You must have various ideas to make interesting and delicious cookies, but if you’re a fan of Batman, the following Batman logo cookie cutter may bring you the best cookie idea.

Batman Logo Cookie Cutter

How to measure your home appliance’s electricity use? You can calculate the outcome or use some tools such as the following Reter app-enabled energy meter.

Reter App-Enabled Energy Meter