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New Matter has released MOD-t, its affordable and easy-to-use 3D printer for everyone. Want to create various interesting and practical models in your home? The 3D printer may be suitable for you.

New Matter MOD-t A 3D Printer for Everyone

Like various crossword puzzles? Now you can enjoy your favorite coffee or tea and play crossword puzzle. Curious? Let’s go on checking the ceramic coffee mug.

Crossword Puzzle Coffee Mug

Grace Digital recently released Grace Primo, a new wireless Internet radio adapter with wireless audio receiver. If you’re keen on various radio stations, the adapter may be suitable for you.

Grace Digital Primo Internet Radio Adapter with Wireless Audio Receiver

It seems the little pig has been stuck in the mug. Don’t worry, he just wants you to leave some coins in the mug. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking the greedy pig that can turn your empty containers into piggy banks.

The Greedy Pig Turns Empty Containers into Piggy Banks

Charging station, USB hub and desk organizer have been integrated into iForte’s UNITI Stand. If you need these functions to keep your work station neat and clean, let’s go on checking.

iForte UNITI Stand Desk Organizer for iMac and Apple Display

Need a simple way to monitor local weather around your house? Take a look at BloomSky, the smart weather station with HD camera may be a nice solution.

BloomSky Smart Weather Station with HD Camera

iLuv has released TimeShaker Micro, its latest Bluetooth speaker with FM radio, pillow shaker and USB charger. If you need these functions on your bedside table, it may be a nice option.

iLuv TimeShaker Micro Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio and Pillow Shaker

These blueprints clearly show you the constructions of those iconic vehicles in Star Wars. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the Ultimate blueprint styled Star Wars poster set.

The Ultimate Blueprint Styled Star Wars Poster Set