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The Qube is an Affordable WiFi LED Smart Bulb

With integrated WiFi connectivity, the Qube LED smart bulb lets you control it with your smartphone, and multi-color LEDs add personalized atmosphere in your room based on your mood.

Qube Affordable WiFi LED Smart Bulb


Juvo Sleep Tracker Tracks and Manages Your Sleep under the Mattress

As we had known, many fitness trackers can monitor our sleep, but if you want a more professional way to track and manage your sleep, Juno sleep tracker may be more suitable for you.

Juvo Smart Sleep Tracker Fits under Your Mattress


Spell Nomad Nightstand Table Boasts Integrated Charging Station for Your Smartphone Tablet and Other Devices

Using an integrated charging station, Spell’s Nomad nightstand table lets you charge your smartphone and tablet when you finish your bedtime reading, and decent storage holds your items. Like the feature? Let’s keep checking.

Spell Nomad Nightstand Table with Integrated Charging Station


Star Wars BB-8 LED Desk Lamp

The droid is unmovable, but using built-in LED lights, the BB-8 from Star Wars VII illuminates your room on the desk. Cool? Let’s go on for the BB-8 LED desk lamp.

Star Wars BB-8 LED Desk Lamp


REMI is a Cute Smart Sleep Tracker for Kids

Advanced technologies have been packed under the cute appearance, which provides a dedicated way to track your kid’s sleep patterns and enhance his/her sleep quality. Like the feature? Let’s go on for REMI smart sleep tracker.

REMI Smart Sleep Tracker for Kids


August Smart Doorbell Cam Always Lets You Know Who’s Coming

With built-in HD camera and WiFi connectivity, August smart doorbell cam always lets you know who’s coming regardless of wherever you’re. Like the feature? Let’s keep going.

August Smart Doorbell Camera


AXIS Gear Turns Existing Window Shades into Smart Window Shades

Using built-in sensors, AXIS’s Gear turns your existing window shades into smart window shades, and integrated motor and Bluetooth allow you to control your windows shades via your smartphone.

AXIS Gear Turns Existing Window Shades into Smart Windows Shades



Stone Desk Lamp Boasts Sleek Design and Integrated USB Hub

The its sleek design, the Stone desk lamp provides you a stylish and elegant way to illuminate your room, and its integrated USB hub lets you charge your mobile devices with ease. Like the idea? Let’s keep going.

Stone Desk Lamp with Integrated USB Hub