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We have seen various bookends, but if you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, the following bookend may be a better way to keep A Song of Ice and Fire in your bookcase.

Game of Thrones Bookend

Apparently your CPU doesn’t work with the motherboard, but you need a geek-friendly way to show off your photo, the recycled motherboard picture frame may be a nice idea.

The Recycled Motherboard Picture Frame

Want to hire a housekeeper to help you manage your home? Take a look at JIBO, the smart robot may be a nice solution.

JIBO The World's First Smart Robot for Family

Need a secure and futuristic way to lock and unlock your doors? Take a look at Genie app-enabled smart lock, it may be a nice solution.

Genie App-Enabled Smart Lock

Don’t worry, the hand-held phaser isn’t a destructive laser weapon, but you can use it to to control your TV, iPod and other gadgets. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking Star Trek original phaser universal remote control.

Star Trek Orginal Phaser Universal Remote Control

Need some 8-bit style to decorate your room? If you’re also a big fan of Super Mario, the Blik Nintendo Power-ups wall decals may draw your attention.

Blik Nintendo Power-ups Wall Decals

We have seen many nice art prints themed by The Legend of Zelda, but if you prefer oil painting style, the following poster set may draw your more attention.

The Oil Painting Styled Legend of Zelda Poster Set

Wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock and thermometer have been integrated into the wood block. If you like the versatile design, let’s go on checking W2 Qi wireless charging wood.

W2 Qi Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker, Alarm Clock and Thermometer