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The earphone cord organizer is called Spot. As the name implies, it’s exactly a miniature manager for the tangled cord. If you like the appearance, let’s go on checking.

Spot Earphone Cord Organizer

Sony PIIQ line of headphones and earbuds is growing up. Now a new product, Exhale earbuds has been added in the famous group.

Sony Released PIIQ Exhale Earbuds


Steampunk zealots, have you changed any plain things that can be replaced with steampunk gadgets such as a pair of ordinary speakers. No? Check out the Steampunk Steam Pipes Audio Speakers.

Solid Alliance Crazy Earphones

I believe many readers still remember the Crazy Earphones by Solid Alliance introduced in last year.

Steampunk Skullcandy SK-Pro Custom Headphones

Here is an ultra exquisite steampunk artwork by DLi$h. It’s a pair of steampunk headphones modified from Skullcandy SK-Pro headphones.

Colorful ZHP-009 Poppin Canaltype Earphones cord holder

Recently, Zumreed Dreams rolled out its latest Poppin Canaltype Earphones.

miniWINDER protects your precious earphones

I believe people wouldn’t like to see precious earphones under someone’s feet or tangled on desk. If you still have no gadgets for your earphones, check out miniWINDER.

Colorful LEGO brick earphones

January 20, 2010 | In: Headphone

Colorful LEGO brick earphones

LEGO bricks are really toys, or should be called gadgets. You can see LEGO coat rack, LEGO wallet, etc, just in Gadgetsin.