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Colorful LEGO brick earphones

January 20, 2010 | In: Headphone

Colorful LEGO brick earphones

LEGO bricks are really toys, or should be called gadgets. You can see LEGO coat rack, LEGO wallet, etc, just in Gadgetsin.

Elecom Sundries Drugs Headphones

Do you wanna two capsules in your ears? Not for swimming but listening musics.

Delicious M&M Earphones

Do you like M&M? If you are a kid or girl, perhaps, M&M is your favorite snacks. Now, we don’t talk about M&M chocolates but M&M earphones.

Crazy Earphone

In addition to the crazy earphones last time, Solid Alliance also released the second version of crazy earbuds. They seem more funny and crazy.

Fuubi Wooden Earbuds

December 12, 2009 | In: Headphone

Fuubi Wooden Earbuds

It seems the wooden gadgets are more and more popular. wooden cases, wooden speakers, now wooden earbuds is coming in.

Crazy Earphone, Bit Strange and More Sweet

When you put the earphone in your ears over and over again, have you think the earphone could differentiate you from everyone else. etc Crazy Earphone.

Sundries PLAYBRICK Sweet LEGO Earphone

LEGO is really popular. We can see the products of LEGO everywhere. Especially creative products. Sundries PLAYBRICK, the LEGO-shaped earphone is a sweet gadgets designed by Elecom.