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Click Ultra Compact Wireless Earbuds

The fantastic design of the Click has caught our attention completely, so we decided to introduce the ultra compact wireless earbuds even through it’s still a concept product under development.

Click Ultra Compact Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case


EOZ One Bluetooth Earbuds Boast Fine Tuned Sound and Stylish Appearance

Need some favorite music and newly stylish elements to decor your daily life? Take a look at EOZ One Bluetooth earbuds, its fine tuned sound and charming appearance should be able to meet your demands.

EOZ One Bluetooth Earbuds


The Wing Bluetooth Headphones Boast Premium Sound and Affordable Price

We have seen many nice wireless headphones, but the Wing Bluetooth headphones have a more affordable price and it also delivers premium sound. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going.

Wing Affordable and Premium Bluetooth Headphones


Samsung Gear IconX Bluetooth Earbuds with Fitness Tracker Announced

In addition to Gear Fit2, Samsung also announced Gear IconX, a fitness tracker integrated Bluetooth earbuds, and it works as a standalone music player, so you don’t need to carry your smartphone when you workout.

Samsung Gear IconX Bluetooth Earbuds with Fitness Tracker


The BULLET2.0 Bluetooth Earbuds with a 2100mAh Charging Case

Using the BULLET2.0 Bluetooth earbuds, you enjoy your favorite music, answer calls, and an included 2100mAh charging case acts as a power bank for your mobile devices. Like the versatile design? Let’s keep going.

BULLET2.0 Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case

More... EPs Bluetooth Earbuds Released Exclusively via Apple has released EPs, its latest Bluetooth earbuds exclusively via Apple online store. Using two metallic discs, the in-ear headphones deliver high-quality audio in style. EPs Bluetooth Earbuds


Moshi Avanti Flagship On-Ear Headphones Released

Moshi has released Avanti, its latest flagship grade on-ear headphones. Using its premium materials and sleek design, the headphones let you enjoy your favorite music in a stylish way.

Moshi Avanti Flagship On-Ear Headphones



Nura Headphones Deliver Tuned Audio Based on Your Hearing

Unlike other headphones or earbuds on the market, Nura headphones has the ability to deliver you carefully tuned audio based on your hearing. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going for the in-ear and over-ear headphones.

Nura Headphones Produce Tuned Audio Based on Listener's Hearing


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