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Which kind of business card holder is your favorite? Featuring pop culture or low-profile green one? If you prefer the later, let’s go on checking the handmade wooden business card holder.

Handmade Wooden Business Card Holder

This is the second giant Gundam model made out of paper. And apparently this cardboard model is larger than the Freedom Gundam paper craft.

Amazing Giant Freedom Gundam Cardboard Model

Do you like wooden gadgets? Or you’re interested in more slim protection solution. Then you should check the hand crafted iPhone 4 wooden skins from Trunket.

Trunket Hand Crafted iPhone 4 Wooden Skins

We’ve many ways to make iPhone upright like powerful dock speaker, simple iPhone stand. If you prefer eco-friendly method, you may like the handmade wooden iPhone dock.

Handmade Wooden iPhone Dock

For those Super Mario fans who have owned iPhone 4, obviously this is good news. The maker of Goomba and Super Mushroom iPad cases released two iPhone 4 cases with the same theme.

Super Mario Goomba and Super Mushroom iPhone 4 Cases

Feel tired of holding your iPhone to send tweets? If your iPhone case doesn’t offer you a built-in iPhone stand, you may like to check the handmade wooden stand.

Handmade Wooden Stand for All Models of iPhone

Apparently Darth Vader iPhone 4 case has yet to be released officially, but if you can’t wait, the Star Wars Darth Vader iPhone 4 decal should be able to show your dark side on your iPhone 4.

Star Wars Darth Vader iPhone 4 Decal

Which kind of iPhone 4 case is your favorite? If you like handmade and rugged case, the following iPhone 4 leather case may be suitable for you.

Handmade iPhone 4 Leather Case