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Nintendo 8-bit video game console NES has been out of our sights. But for faithful NES fans, we still have many to revive the classical game console such as the homemade Nintendo NES electric guitar.

Homemade Nintendo NES Electric Guitar

Have you gotten the latest Angry Birds Christmas version? Of course, we don’t talk about the popular iPhone game, but the handcrafted Angry Birds knitting dolls.

Angry Birds Hand Knitting Dolls

We’ve already introduced that 8-bit Pacman sterling silver cufflinks. Now Space Invaders, equally cute 8-bit characters also from classical arcade game take their turn. Let’s go on checking the Space Invaders cufflinks.

Space Invaders Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Apparently at this time a new 2011 calendar is one of our urgent needed gadgets. So if you also like those vintage radios, you’d like to check the following 2011 calendar.

Vintage Radio Collection 2011 Calendar

Apparently Space Invaders have already invaded our life for a long time. If you still feel like it isn’t enough, let’s go on checking the 2011 calendar themed by Space Invaders.

Space Invaders 2011 Calendar

How did you dock your charging laptop? Desktop or laptop bag? Apparently both are traditional ways. Now let’s use Wallabee docking station to dock your laptop on the wall.

Wallabee Wooden Laptop Docking Station

Simple design, warm wool felt and handmade feature, all of these cater to our taste. If you also like this style, let’s go on checking the wool felt iPad sleeve.

Handmade Merino Wool Felt iPad Sleeve

Apparently Autobots leader Optimus Prime landed on a pile of ice. Of course, that doesn’t stop the leader from fighting against Decepticons. Well, let’s go on checking the giant Optimus Prime ice sculpture.

Giant Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture