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This isn’t the first time to introduce Eveline Pieters’ creative gadgets. No doubt, her design is very impressive such as the elegant bamboo LED lamp.

Elegant Bamboo LED Lamp

Need a unique iPad docking station? If you’re a faithful fan of Nintendo, you may like to check the Nintendo 64 iPad docking station.

Nintendo 64 iPad Docking Station

Many of us didn’t use the popular retro camera Rolleicord. But if you want to, you can use the iPhone 4 skin to disguise your iPhone 4 as an old medium-format twin lens reflex camera.

Rolleicord iPhone 4 Skin

Which USB flash drive style is your favorite, cute figure or antique vacuum tube? If you prefer the later, let’s go on checking the handmade steampunk USB flash drive.

Handmade Steampunk USB Flash Drive

We have many incredible ways to show our love to LEGO bricks, of course, the newest is the LEGO themed silver cufflinks.

LEGO Themed Silver Cufflinks

For us, a real Leica M8 digital rangefinder camera is too expensive, but fortunately, we can use the iPhone 4 skin to disguise iPhone 4 as Leica M8.

Leica M8 iPhone 4 Skin

We’ve seen many incredible Star Wars custom action figures combined with various elements by Sillof. Now this fantastic figure designer brought us a new line: West Wars.

Western Styled Star Wars Custom Action Figures by Sillof

We’re trying to get all three stars for our Angry Birds. Maybe you’ve achieved this objective, maybe your next target is the Angry Birds keychain collection.

Angry Birds Keychain Collection