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We know you also have a Nerf N-Strike Maverick Blaster, But we believe the following steampunk blaster is much cooler than yours.

Handmade Steampunk Nerf N-Strike Maverick Blaster

Winter is approaching. Did you ever think about preparing a fancy sweater for your precious MacBook Pro or laptop? The following is Pacman laptop sleeve, if you like it, let’s go on checking.

Pacman MacBook Pro and Laptop Sleeve

In addition to terrible predator Halloween costume, what do you think the duct tape can be used for? Apparently the Star Wars AT-AT model is one of the classical examples.

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Made of Duct Tape

We just found a new secret of Darth Vader from the MacBook sticker. The evil lord in Star Wars like eating Apple.

Darth Vader Like Eating Apple MacBook Decal

Many iPhone 4 owners hasn’t been contented with a single wrap. Perhaps they prefer to turn iPhone 4 into another gadget just like what the Nintendo Game Boy iPhone 4 skin is doing.

Nintendo Game Boy iPhone 4 Skin

Apparently Pacman not only like those 8-bit ghosts and dots, but also like our life. Now the cute guy stands on our finger, a silver Pacman ring. Would your geek girlfriend love this ring.

Pacman Silver Ring

Halloween is around the corner. If you have a splendid Halloween costume project just like the following predator costume, you’d better seize time.

Terrible Predator Halloween Costume

It seems the Super Mushroom and Goomba from Super Mario series also loves Apple iPad. So they decided to turn into iPad cases in order to stay with their favorite gadget.

Super Mario Goomba and Super Mushroom iPad Cases