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We still remember the handmade floppy disk coasters. But apparently the maker has also realized not all people like the simple black. So this set of colorful floppy disk coasters has come.

Colored Floppy Disk Coaster Set

As we know, the era of floppy disk has gone. But the classical storage device is never out of our sight. Now let’s check the fun floppy disk pouch.

Floppy Disk Zipper Pouch

Several month ago, we introduced a iPhone 4 sleeve with a pocket. But it’s unavailable. Now we’ve found an alternative felt sleeve doubled as a wallet.

Handmade iPhone 4 Sleeve Doubled as Wallet

What kind of iPhone sleeve is your favorite? Simple or complex? If you prefer simple style, let’s go on checking the following iPhone 4 leather sleeve.

Elegant iPhone 4 Leather Sleeve

No doubt, at present those cute Angry Birds are the most popular cartoon characters. Now these Angry Birds iPhone 4 decals will let you release your passion for the birds.

Angry Birds iPhone 4 Decals

We always dream of traveling in space. Apparently it’s not easy at present. So let the Space Invaders decorative pillow accompany you to fly through space in the dream.

Space Invaders Decorative Pillow for Your Space Dream

We’ve found out a silicone case to turn your iPhone 4 into a retro cassette tape. Now a new way has been added. That’s the cassette tape series of iPhone 4 decals.

Cassette Tape iPhone 4 Decals

Star Wars Logo Geek Soap

November 16, 2010 | In: Handmade Gadgets

This is a well-known logo, even if you’re not a big fan of Star Wars. Now the Star Wars logo geek soap will spend a Star Wars themed shower time with you.

Star Wars Logo Geek Soap