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Handmade Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light

It’s a bit pity that TARDIS can’t take you to travel through the space-time vortex, but internal bulb makes the tiny time machine work as a night light to illuminate at night, and no one doubles that you’re a faithful fan of Doctor Who.

Handmade Highly Detailed Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light - one of our handmade tech gifts


The Handmade Vintage Bluetooth Speaker Delivers Music and Vintage Feeling

With its integrated retro gramophone, the handmade Bluetooth speaker not only delivers you your favorite music, but also emits vintage feeling. If you have a preference for the retro design, let’s keep going.

Handmade Vintage Bluetooth Speaker with a Gramophone Horn


The Kancha Headphone Stand Works with Your iMac

How do you use your headphones in general? Usually enjoy music or games beside in front of your iMac? Then the Kancha headphone stand should be a nice docking point.

Kancha Headphone Stand Supports Your iMac and Apple Display


Star Wars Lightsaber USB Flash Drive

Do you know that your force can be used to transmit your digital files? Doubt it? Let’s go on for the Star Wars Lightsaber USB flash drive.

Star Wars Lightsaber USB Flash Drive


The 3D Printed Fallout PipBoy 3000 Works With Your Smartphone

The latest Fallout 4 will be released on November 10 this year. Can’t wait? You may like to wear the 3D printed Pipboy 3000, experiencing a life of wasteland.

3D Printed Fallout PipBoy 3000 with a Phone Case


The 3D Printed Game of Thrones Cookie Cutters Turn Your Favorite House Sigils Into Cookies

Which house sigil from Game of Thrones is your favorite, House Stark’s direwolf, House Tully’s trout, House Lannister’s lion? No matter which one, the cookie cutters can turn them into delicious cookies.

The 3D Printed Game of Thrones Cookie Cutters Inspired by House Sigils


The Cute Pokemon Pocket Monster Dolls Handmade in Crochet

Pikachu, Charizard, Squirtle, these cute pocket monsters have come into our real world. Want to bring them in your showcase? Let’s go on for the Pokemon pocket monster dolls.

Cute Handmade Pokemon Pocket Monster Crochet Dolls - one of our handmade gadgets



The Handmade Claptrap Plush Fits on Your Couch Instead of Borderlands

Claptrap, the iconic robot from Borderlands has gotten a new skin that makes it fit better on your couch instead of that fierce land. Curious? Let’s keep going for the handmade Claptrap plush.

Handmade Borderlands Claptrap Plush - One of Our Handmade Tech Gifts


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