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Two slots, one tray and pen holder, if you think these features can keep your desk neat, let’s go on checking the handmade wooden desk organizer with tablet stand.

The Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer with Tablet Stand

The handmade wood desk organizer features an integrated docking station to provide a handy way to put your accessories together and charge your phone. Sounds cool? Let’s go on.

The Handmade Wood Desk Organizer with iPhone 6 Docking Station

An excellent desk organizer not only keep your desk clean and neat, but also decorate it with its beauty. Take a look at the handmade wooden pen holder, it may be a nice annotation.

The Handmade Wooden Pen Holder Decorates Your Desk

Want to add some cute and romantic feeling in your room? Take a look at the handmade house-shaped pendant light, its soft light and fun shape may catch your eyes.

The Handmade House Shaped Pendant Light

The handmade customizable docking station not only holds your phone and smartwatch, but also help you keep your desk neat and clean. Sounds great? Let’s go for the nice idea.

The Handmade Customizable Docking Station for Your Phone, Apple Watch and More

It’s another successful combination of pixel art and pop culture. If you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, the following coffee mugs should catch your eyes.

The Handmade Game of Thrones Coffee Mugs

For the fans of Game of Thrones, it may be a nice idea to put your favorite house sigil on your cutting board. Sounds cool? Let’s keep reading.

The Handmade Customizable Game of Thrones Cutting Board

Simple and elegant design, premium materials, if the features can catch your eyes, you may like to check the handmade minimal leather wallet with zero bulk.

The Handmade Minimal Leather Wallet with Zero Bulk