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Apparently the keychain not only can put your keys together. If you also need a handy portable charger, the solar power bank keychain may be a nice solution.

The Solar Power Bank Keychain for iPhone

Do you always forget to look after your plants in the backyard garden? What solutions do we have? Take a look at Edyn, the smart plant watering system may help you.

Edyn Smart Plant Watering System for Your Garden

Have you been tired of those iPad-sized solar panel? Want a more handy charging solution? Take a look at Spor, the portable solar charger may draw your more attention.

Spor Portable Solar Charger

Need a simple and effortless way to water your plants? Take a look at, the smart plant watering system should be a nice solution. Smart Plant Watering System

We can easily put a portable power bank in our pocket, but if you prefer eco-friendly gadgets, SOLARADE, a half letter sized solar charger may draw your more attention.

SOLARADE Half Letter Sized Solar Charger

It’s time to plan an amazing camping trip. In addition to backup battery, do you have other methods to charge your mobile devices during the trip? Take a look at BioLite BaseCamp camp stove with USB charger, it will be a new solution.

BioLite BaseCamp Stove with USB Charger

Apparently you can drink the very thick book, but if you need clean and pure water, even in the wild, the “Drinkable Book” manual will be a perfect water purifier.

Drinkable Book Manual and Water Purifier

Eco-friendly materials, stylish design, and practical functions, no doubt, the SLIDE cork wallet can meet the style of lots of fashionable people. You’re one of them?

The Minimalistic SLIDE Cork Wallet