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Recently SNK’s new Neo-Geo portable game console has been leaked. If you’re a big fan of those classic Neo-Geo video games, let’s go on checking the iPhone-like handheld game console.

SNK Neo-Geo Portable Game Console

We can enjoy those classic ATARI games with iPad and iCade. But if you want to play the video games on the TV, the Atari Flashback 3 game console may be more suitable for you.

Atari Flashback 3 Game Console

No doubt, carabiner is a kind of multi functional gadget. But if you want to use it to enjoy your favorite retro video games, the Space Invaders carabiner should be more suitable for you.

Space Invaders Carabiner

No doubt, these are two familiar vehicle and starfighter in the universe of Star Wars: Snowspeeder and Tie Fighter, but can you imagine these are also two classical game console: SNES and N64. If all the things are your favorite, let’s go on checking.

Star Wars Snowspeeder SNES and Tie Fighter N64

Evergreen released its latest portable speaker for Nintendo 3DS and DSi: DN-79030 last month. If you want to fully enjoy your new Nintendo 3DS, let’s go checking.

Evergreen DN-79030 Portable Speaker for Nintendo 3DS and DSi

Following the release of Nintendo’s latest handheld game console 3DS, GelaSkin has also released the new vinyl decal category for Nintendo 3DS. Want to decorate your 3DS? Let’s go on checking.


Recently Microsoft unveiled its latest Star War themed Xbox 360 game console. If you’re a faithful fan of Star War and like the two iconic robots R2-D2 and C-3PO from the universe of Star Wars, don’t miss the upcoming limited edition Xbox360.

Limited Edition Star Wars Themed Xbox 360 Shows Your Love to R2-D2 and C-3PO

We can enjoy various games with iPhone or popular handheld game console, but for a senior arcade game geek, a homemade arcade cabinet apparently is more suitable such as the Space Invaders mini arcade cabinet.

Homemade Space Invaders Mini Arcade Cabinet