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Pac-Man, the cute game character came into our view again, along with some retro friends. If you want to play those classic video games, let’s go on checking the Pac-Man Plug ‘n’ Play game console.

Pac-Man Plug 'n' Play Game Console

Nintendo unveiled Wii U game console last June. Now the innovative game console will be available soon, and the full specs of Wii U have been released. If you’re also curious what features have been packed in, let’s go on checking.

Nintendo Wii U Game Console Full Specs Announced

Your kids like playing their favorite mobile games with your smartphone? If you don’t wish your smartphone turns into a handheld game console, MG the Android based portable gaming system should be able to help you.

MG The Android Based Portable Gaming System

No doubt, most of Diablo 3 players use mouse and keyboard to eliminate the Prime Evil. But if you prefer joystick, the following Diablo 3 arcade cabinet may draw your more attention.

Fan-made Diablo 3 Arcade Cabinet

It’s a working Xbox 360 controller instead of only an awesome steampunk creation. If you’re addictive in those great steampunk masterpieces, you would like to use it to enjoy your favorite video games.

Custom Steampunk Xbox 360 Controller

You can use an Android TV adapter to turn your HDTV into a smart TV for your favorite mobile games and movies. But if you’re a big fan of video games, OUYA video game console powered by Android may be more suitable for you.

OUYA Video Game Console Powered by Android

Compared with touch controls, you prefer a classic gamepad controls for your favorite games? Then you can use the following GameDock to turn your iOS device into a game console, and enjoying mobile games on your HDTV.

GameDock Turn Your iOS Device into Game Console

You still keep those retro NES/ SNES cartridges? If you want to enjoy those old-school 8-bit video games but lack a NES or SNES game console, the following retro duo portable gaming system will help you.

Retro Duo Portable Gaming System for Your Old Nintendo NES/ SNES Games