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World Cup has ended for almost a month, but based on the enthusiasm for sport and LEGO, we have to introduce the mini LEGO foosball table with auto scoring function to our readers.

Auto Scoring Mini LEGO Foosball Table

No doubt, Mashable and Technorati are two social media sites very familiar to all of us. Now a social media monopoly board game starring Mashable and Technorati is available.

Social Media Monopoly with Mashable and Technorati Cards

It’s a little pity this Dreadnought in Warhammer 40K is just a computer case mod. We do hope it’s a wearable costume just like the War Machine suit.

Computer Case Mod Inspired by Dreadnought in Warhammer 40K

Apparently the fresh iPhone 4 doesn’t lack beautiful skins and decals. Now the MusicSkins customizable iPhone 4 skins will bring us more choices.

MusicSkins Customizable iPhone 4 Skins

Undoubtedly the plunger iPad stand proves plunger isn’t only used in toilet. So not surprisingly, the plunger doubles as a hanger.

Alteruse: Plunger Hanger

Just today we introduced a fun USB flash drive made of eraser, but it’s unavailable. Fortunately we found a way to make the eraser USB drive by ourselves.

Make Eraser USB Flash Drive by Yourself

Don’t be so dismissive of those recycled electric wires. In designer’s opinion, they are the most beautiful wire jewelry such as the electric wire ring.

Electric Love Ring Made by Recycled Wire

We really don’t know that the sneakers with LED lights are the rage now. Fortunately the fashion sneakers can be customized by ourselves, for instance, the following sneakers.

Sneakers with LED lights Illuminating Your Road