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Apparently not all Halo lovers like to make himself/herself as a Master Chief. Perhaps a giant Elite will enjoy more popularity such as the following awesome Halo Elite costume.

Awesome Halo Elite Costume by PeteManderFX

We introduced a simple homemade iPad case with notebook cover several months ago, but that’s too simple. Now we found a new way to make a multi purpose notebook iPad case. Let’s go on checking.

Make Your Own Notebook iPad Case

Space Invaders, Super Mario, Pacman, apparently they are the famous characters from the classical retro video games. So only the 8-bit image effect can reflect the spirits of them such as the following great retro game stop motion animation video.

Retro Game Stop-Motion Video Created with Milk Bottle Tops and LEGO

No doubt, no good would happen once the Fail Whale appeared on the Twitter homepage, but the Twitter Fail Whale cake is an exception. It seems the Fail Whale has never been delicious like the following fun cake.

Fail Whale Cake for Twitter Fans

How do you share your favorite things on the Internet? For those Facebook fans, the Like button must be the most suitable way. But offline, the Facebook Like button stamp is the best one.

Stamp the Facebook Like button seal on anything you like

Apparently they‘re a couple cute robot brothers all from Apple. In addition to all functions they’ve featured, now the two brothers were added new function. They are walking!

Although there is no need to prove the practicality of LEGO bricks, yet the incredible LEGO RC robot hand brought us many delights.

LEGO RC Robot Hand with Exoskeletal Controller

Have you remembered the iCade arcade cabinet for iPad? Unfortunately it’s just an unavailable gadget. But now a real iPad arcade cabinet has come.

Cardboard iPad Arcade Cabinet