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According to the license plate, the amazing car modification should come from Germany. But we have no idea whether the tank styled Mercedes Smart is as strong as a tank.

Mercedes Smart Tank

Maybe many of us owned several figure-styled USB flash drives. Of course, if you want to go further and turn yourself into USB flash drive, let’s go on checking the personalized USB drive.

Turn Yourself into Personalized USB Flash Drive

We’ve already seen the movie of Toy Story 3, and also introduced the Toy Story 3 toys. Now is the time to make a relevant toy by ourselves just like the following Sheriff Woody paper craft.

Make Toy Story Woody Paper Craft by Yourself

We’ve introduced a bunch of practical, good-looking iPhone 4 cases. But all of them aren’t possibly cheaper than this rubber bracelet iPhone 4 case.

The Cheapest iPhone 4 Case Made by Yourself

No doubt, the ultra-cool stormtrooper helmet caught the best time of release. Apparently a good many fans of the Lakers are still thrilled with the Laker’s sixteenth NBA Championship. You like the Stormtrooper helmet? Let’s go on checking.

TK Lakers Stormtrooper Helmet

No doubt, the giant Freedom Gundam paper craft is much cheaper than the limited edition 1.5m Gundam figure. And in theory, everyone can make the amazing Gundam paper craft.

Amazing Giant Freedom Gundam Paper Craft

At first glance, the model resembles a LEGO creation, but not, actually it’s a costume simulating pixelated 8-bit pattern.

Pixelated 8-bit Costume

This is a free iPhone 4. Apparently it doesn’t come from Apple. Before you use the iPhone 4, you have to manufacture it by yourself.

Free iPhone 4 Manufacturd by Yourself