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At Google I/O this year, every participant received a Google Cardboard that can turn your Android phone into virtual reality headset. Now DODOcase also released its Google Cardboard VR toolkit.

DODOcase Released Google Cardboard VR Toolkit

Apparently you can’t use these LEGO handheld game consoles to play those classic video games, but if you bring some old-school style in your showcase, the LEGO creations should be able to inspire you.

Pretty Cool LEGO Handheld Game Consoles

Want to deploy an interesting Portal turret to guard your door? If you like making something by yourself, you may like to make your own 3D printed tracking Portal turret.

Make Your Own 3D Printed Tracking Portal Turret

We have seen many practical cable organizers, but if you’re a big fan of LEGO, you would like to make your own cable organizer with LEGO bricks.

Make Your Own LEGO Cable Organizer

We have seen many interesting Adventure Time themed gadgets, but if you prefer making something by yourself, the following Adventure Time paper crafts may draw your more attention.

Adventure Time Paper Crafts

Don’t worry, the minigun can’t be used to destroy your house, but you can utilize it to defeat any evil LEGO minifigures. That sounds great? Let’s go on checking the pretty awesome motorized LEGO minigun.

Pretty Awesome Motorized LEGO Minigun

It’s a pair of real-life Wolverine claws, but the amazing weapon is powered by compressed-air tank instead of Wolverine’s muscle. That sounds cool? Let’s go on checking the fully automatic Wolverine claws.

Crazy Inventor Creates Real-Life Fully Automatic Wolverine Claws

We have featured a few pretty awesome steampunk keyboards, but if you want to make your own steampunk keyboard, the following one should bring your some inspiration.

Make Your Own Steampunk Keyboard