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This Halloween is still three months away, but if you have some big ideas, you’d better prepare it in advance such as making your own Skyrim Ancient Nord Helmet.

Make Your Own Skyrim Ancient Nord Helmet

You’re planning to build Batman’s The Bat with LEGO bricks? Then you may like to check the LEGO technic motorized The Bat, it will bring you more inspiration.

Batman's The Bat Built with LEGO Bricks

We have introduced many nice Star Wars R2-D2 themed gadgets. But if you like making something by yourself, the following R2-D2 paper craft may be able to draw your more attention.

Make Your Own R2-D2 Papercraft

Sorry, you can’t use the game console to enjoy your favorite retro games, but we guarantee, you will be stunned by the amazing Nintendo 64 transformers built with LEGO bricks.

The Amazing LEGO Nintendo 64 Transformers

It’s a little pity, there is no transmission system in the huge mecha built with old truck, but the pretty cool body has caught our eyes. If you feel the same, let’s go on checking the awesome mecha.

The Huge Mecha Built with Old Truck

No doubt Pacific Rim is a successful sci-fi film. If you also have been impressed by its outstanding virtual effects, you may like to check the Pacific Rim themed paper crafts.

Pacific Rim Themed Paper Crafts

Are you thinking about making an awesome model using your new 3D printer? If you’re an enthusiastic shutterbug, you may like to make your own 3D printed SLR camera.

Make Your Own 3D Printed SLR Camera

No doubt the Nerf Vulcan based sentry gun is the perfect weapon for a great office war. Don’t believe? Let’s go on checking the modified Nerf Vilcan.

Nerf Vulcan Based Sentry Gun