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The Awesome Working Mini V8 Engine Built with Paper

Can you imagine one of the most famous car engine can be built with paper? Can’t? Let’s keep going for the awesome working paper mini V8 engine.

The Awesome Working Mini Paper V8 Engine Model


Make Your Own Life-Size App-Controlled BB-8 Droid

There is nothing more amazing than those creations built by yourself. If you’re also a big fan of Star Wars, don’t miss the chance to make your own life-size app-controlled BB-8 droid.

Life-Size App-Controlled BB-8 Droid


Make Your Own 1:1 Scale BB-8 Droid Replica

There are lots of BB-8 inspired gadgets and toys including the app-enabled BB-8 droid, but if you have a preference for DIY, you may more like to make your own 1:1 scale BB-8 droid replica.

Make Your Own Life Size BB-8 Droid Replica


CoDrone is a Programmable Flying Drone

We have seen many advanced flying drones, while the following CoDrone allows you to add much more fun by coding it. Sounds cool? Let’s go on for the programmable flying drone.

CoDrone Programmable Flying Drone


The Dinosaur Origami Book Lets You Build Your Own Jurassic World

Who says you can’t own a Jurassic World full of numerous dinosaurs? With the dinosaur origami, you can build your own Jurassic Park.

Dinosaur Origami Book


Make Your Own Star Wars AT-AT Walker Model with Plywood

There are many mini AT-ATs on the market, but if you have a preference to build something by yourself, then you may like to make your own Star Wars AT-AT Walker model with plywood.

The Star Wars AT-AT Walker Model Built with Plywood


The Star Wars Heels Show off Two Mini BB-8 Droids

The two mini BB-8 droids have been installed on the Star Wars heels, which ensure you gain focus on the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this weekend. Also want the heels? You must hurry.

The Star Wars High Heels with Two Mini BB-8 Droids



Space Pod Cardboard Construction Set Lets You Land Mars in Your Room

Want to land Mars or travel to outer space in the next ten years? Then you must practice your survival skills in space at home. Cool? The Space Pod cardboard construction set will help you.

Space Pod Cardboard Construction Set


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