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How to Make A Halloween Mask

September 26, 2014 | In: DIY Gadgets

Want to become the terrible highlight in upcoming Halloween party? At first you need to know how to make a Halloween mask on a budget. Agree? Let’s go on checking.

How to Make A Halloween Mask

The mini arcade cabinet will bring you numerous retro games, but you have to assemble it by yourself. Accept the challenge? Let’s go on checking the DIY mini arcade cabinet.

The DIY Mini Arcade Cabinet

No doubt, Borderlands is a very popular video game series. If you’re a faithful fan of the FPS game, the awesome Borderlands concept assault rifle prop replica should be able to catch your eyes.

Awesome Borderlands Concept Assault Rifle Prop Replica

The raging flame was writhing in Darth Vader’s mind. He wanted to destroy everything, including the logs you threw in. Curious? Let’s go on checking the Star Wars Darth Vader inspired log burner.


Unlike that Iron Throne for your books, the throne is a unique dock for your cell phone, and it’s unavailable, you need to make the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones by yourself. Accept the challenge? Let’s go on checking.

Make An Iron Throne for Your Cell Phone

Like many of us, those powerful superheroes and famous pop culture characters also like resting on the sofa. Curious? Let’s go on checking the LEGO superheroes and their favorite couches.

LEGO Superheroes and Their Favorite Couches

You can make a Google Cardboard VR headset or purchase a kit from DODOcase, but if you want a more durable virtual reality headset, let’s go on checking the following Google Polycarbonate.

Make You Own Google Polycarbonate VR Headset

How to keep your vigorous creativity on LEGO bricks? In addition to a LEGO inspired mug, the following LEGO minifigure head shaped wall clock may also be a nice idea.

LEGO Minifigure Head Shaped Wall Clock