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Cowon recently released: X9, its latest portable media player. If you want to enjoy your favorite music and videos on the go, the gorgeous PMP may be able to catch your eyes.

Cowon X9 Portable Media Player

No doubt, following the popularity of mobile devices, those cordless gadgets will also be more widely used than before such as the IRIScan Anywhere 3 cordless scanner.

IRIScan Anywhere 3 Cordless Scanner

Sony has released its latest Walkman MP3 player series including Walkman F800 series, S770BT, E570 and E470 series. Now let’s go on checking the Android powered media player Walkman F800 series.

Sony Walkman F800 Android Media Player

We can use radio app to listen our favorite radio programs. But if you want to more comfortably enjoy radio stations, Grace Digital’s Mondo Internet radio and wireless speaker may be more suitable for you.

Grace Digital Mondo Internet Radio and Wireless Speaker

Most of smartphones features a 3.5mm audio jack for connection with external speaker system. But if you prefer to enjoy music in a wireless way, you can use wireless speaker or the Bluetooth audio receiver.

Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Smarphones

At CES 2011, Sony announced a new Android powered mobile entertainment player: Sony Walkman Z Series. If you need a handheld device to enjoy your favorite music, videos, Android games and apps, let’s go on checking.

Sony Walkman Z Series Mobile Entertainment Player Powered by Android

Archos recently released a new Android powered home player: Archos 35 Home Connect. If you’re looking for a versatile music player with alarm clock and other functions, let’s go on checking.

Archos 35 Home Connect Android Home Player

Limited by a small size, many portable backup battery chargers don’t have enough battery capacity for multiple devices. But apparently MOVEON large capacity backup battery has broken the rule.

MOVEON Large Capacity Backup Battery for Smartphone