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Twitter is more and more popular all over the world, but not everything can connect with Twitter well.

TwitterPeek A Professional Tweet Gadgets Only For Twitter

There are many methods sending our tweets to our followers. eg. by cell phone, Twitter website, unofficial Twitter websites or desktop clients.

Nokia Storyplay A E-reader for Children

Recently Nokia has rolled out its new e-reader, Storyplay, a e-reader for children.

Banana Bluetooth Headset

Banana always gives us some interesting meaning. but don’t think too much when the Banana Bluetooth Headset on your head.

With E-Paper replacing Traditional Paper

Paper is a resource coming from nature. As other nature resources ,it’s not also inexhaustible. Now scientists are researching the materials can replace paper. I think E-paper should be a good choice.

Mini Cooper USB Drive for Celebration of Mini 50th

If you are a Mini Cooper’s loyal fan, you really can’t miss the gadget, Mini Cooper USB drive.

The Nook, A New E-book Reader Coming Soon

The Nook,a new strong competitor in E-book Reader market has come here. So you have more choices for the joys of reading.

OldStyle is More Fashionable: MyRacer Lisse Q10 PMP

MyRacer Lisse Q10 is designed by a Korean company MyRacer. There are not much more differences between Lisse Q10 and other PMPs in functions. Its biggest feature is the old style of 70s came through in its casing. That makes it like a oldstyle radio.