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Apparently not every one would like to take a tripod for a trip, but what will yo do when needing a tripod for a group picture? Ask someone a favor or use the camera case named Pose from Quirky.

Quirky Pose Camera Case Doubles As Camera Stand

We rarely introduced camcorder, but Sony HDR-PJ50V attracted our attention. Let’s go on checking the HD camcorder with integrated protector.

Sony HD Camcorder with Integrated Projector

We have featured several nice mini digital cameras, but if you’re a faithful fan of Leica, the classic Leica M3 styled mini digital camera can apparently draw your attention more.

Classic Leica M3 Styled Mini Digital Camera

You’ve been tired of common photos captured by your compact digital camera? Then you may like to use Lomography’s twin-lens Holga to develop your photography talent.

Lomography Twin-Lens Holga with Color Flash

We introduced Thanko’s camera diving mask yesterday. But if you need a better option, the XSC wide angle camera diving mask may be more suitable for you.

XSC Wide Angle Camera Diving Mask

We can use waterproof camera to capture wonderful moments in the pool or the sea, but if you want to fully enjoy the pleasure of water, Thanko’s camera diving mask has been ready for your summer holiday by the sea.

Thanko Camera Diving Mask for Your Summer Holiday by The Sea

You love visiting incredible historic sites all over the world? If you want to know more from those ancient relics during your travel, Papyrus should be a great idea.

Enjoy Historic Sites with Papyrus

How to conduct your stealth mission in the hot sun? Apparently you need a pair of special sunglasses such as the following Thanko sunglasses with video camera.

Thnko Sunglasses with Video Camera