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No bricks, no concrete, also no steel, claire helene drouin and jean marie sanchez, two architects from France show us their new house built with 15 recycled shipping containers in Marseille.

Shipping container house in France

ATARI shot glasses

February 1, 2010 | In: Creative Gadgets

ATARI shot glasses

For your games memories, ATARI is the necessary one. The shot glasses themed by Atari classical games is also ready for completing your games memories. except the Atari can coozy.

Yellow Submarine Tea Bag

I believe many readers has remembered the Yellow Submarine Tea Bag introduced in early January. That time we had no idea what’s the price or the release date for the incredible tea bag gadget. But now the Yellow Submarine Tea Bag has rolled out.

Alpha an unique wooden teacup set from Japan

Japanese are interested in tea ceremony, especially in the Sengoku period, so some ancient crafts have come clown to modern times such as the wooden teacup set.

Magneat manages the tangled cords on your person

We introduced a desk gadget organizing the disorderly wires only yesterday. Now we will show you another gadget for managing the tangled cords.