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Spartan Boba Fett Helmet

January 12, 2011 | In: Crazy Graphics

“I’m a Spartan!”, “no”, “you’re Boba Fett.” Don’t think we can’t recognize you, even if you have a Spartan styled helmet.

Spartan Boba Fett Helmet

“T-virus” is still spreading in the field of pop culture. It’s turn of Team Fortress 2. Of course, Tron doesn’t turn HEAVY into Zombie, but make your team like programs in Tron Legacy.

TRON Styled Team Fortress 2

We love TRON Legacy, love Street Fighter IV too, so we are intoxicated by these incredible Tron styled illustrations themed by Street Fighter.

Incredible TRON Styled Street Fighter - Chun Li

Are you a big fan of Batman? If yes, you sure know the evolutionary history of the powerful Batmobile, but can you draw all of them on the paper? If not, let’s go on checking the comic styled infographic about the history of Batman’s Batmobile.

Batman Batmobile Collection

It’s a shame we had missed last year’s stop motion commercial by LEGO, but fortunately LEGO has released the second LEGO Click promo named “The Brick Thief”.

LEGO Click Stop Motion Commercial

This isn’t the first Angry Bird model made of LEGO bricks, but apparently this is the most complete collection of Angry Birds LEGO models that we’ve ever seen so far.

Angry Birds LEGO Edition

This is the second giant Gundam model made out of paper. And apparently this cardboard model is larger than the Freedom Gundam paper craft.

Amazing Giant Freedom Gundam Cardboard Model

Apparently the program from Tron Legacy has hacked into whole Disney system. Many cartoon characters by Disney have put on Tron costumes.

Tron Styled Disney Cartoon Characters