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The Force is an invisible metaphysical power, just as we have seen in the Star Wars movie series. Of course, sometimes the Force also exists in real world just like the Darth Vader‘s Force on Volkswagen 2012 Passat.

Darth Vader's Force on Volkswagen 2012 Passat

We’ve seen various Fallout props like brotherhood helmet, plasma rifle, laser pistol, but where is the Fallout film? Now it’s come. A Fallout fan film Fallout Nuke Break is ready to serve.

Fallout Fan Film Fallout Nuke Break

Just like those universal Ghosts from video game Pacman, but this time it’s Super Mario Mushroom‘s turn.

Universal Super Mario's Mushroom

8-Bit Tron Legacy

January 22, 2011 | In: Crazy Graphics

Can you imagine what Tron Legacy would look like if the latest TRON sequel took place in the 1980s? Check out the 8-bit Tron Legacy, you will know.

8-Bit Tron Legacy

Have you remembered these familiar characters from those retro video games? Maybe you don’t know, the 8-bit video game characters are living in real world.

8-Bit Game Characters Living in Real World

Universal Pacman Ghosts 2

January 16, 2011 | In: Crazy Graphics

Have you remembered those popular characters played by Pacman ghosts, the only enemy of Pacman? Apparently we underestimated their power. Check out what they can become.

Universal Pacman Ghosts 2

Spartan Boba Fett Helmet

January 12, 2011 | In: Crazy Graphics

“I’m a Spartan!”, “no”, “you’re Boba Fett.” Don’t think we can’t recognize you, even if you have a Spartan styled helmet.

Spartan Boba Fett Helmet

“T-virus” is still spreading in the field of pop culture. It’s turn of Team Fortress 2. Of course, Tron doesn’t turn HEAVY into Zombie, but make your team like programs in Tron Legacy.

TRON Styled Team Fortress 2