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We’ve seen two sets of Star Wars cartoon characters. But apparently this adorable Star Wars characters alphabet is easy to be accept by little kids.

Cartoony Star Wars Characters Alphabet - Darth Vader

Apparently at this time a new 2011 calendar is one of our urgent needed gadgets. So if you also like those vintage radios, you’d like to check the following 2011 calendar.

Vintage Radio Collection 2011 Calendar

Apparently Autobots leader Optimus Prime landed on a pile of ice. Of course, that doesn’t stop the leader from fighting against Decepticons. Well, let’s go on checking the giant Optimus Prime ice sculpture.

Giant Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture

We have to mention at the beginning of the post, it’s a Darth Vader helmet cake instead of a real helmet. So don’t put it on your head when you see it.

Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Cake

We still remember those impressive images that showed us some familiar lives but belonging to Stormtroopers and other characters in Star Wars. Now we found the source of the images. And the photo collection named “The Secret Life of Toys” is available.

The Secret Life of Toys Available Photo Collection

Apparently the long drawn-out war between Angry Birds and the Pigs has attracted a great deal of international attention. So they decided to enter into negotiation about an operable peace treaty.

A Peace Treaty Between Angry Birds and Pigs

It’s really unbelievable that the unique letters can form these familiar characters in Star Wars. But it’s really been done by H-57 Creative.

Star Wars Themed Posters: The Force of Typography

How did you celebrate to accomplish all levels of the popular iPhone game Angry Birds? Apparently the following artist shows us an incredible way.

Angry Birds Drawing by Zero-Lives