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Wow this is really incredible. A real-life R2-D2 robot appeared in our life. Do you know how to drive the bigger advanced R2-D2?

Real-Life R2-D2 Robot Driven by Star Wars Fan

As we know, R2-D2 can do many things in Star Wars such as repairing spacecraft, hacking computer, etc. But in time of peace it seems more useful as a robot vacuum cleaner.

Star Wars R2-D2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Space Invaders Invade Tetris

September 25, 2010 | In: Crazy Graphics

No doubt, the alien called Space Invaders is the most invasive 8-bit cartoon creature. Now one of them has invaded into the world of Tetris. Don’t believe it? Check out the following picture.

Space Invaders Invade Tetris

It’s a really odd umbrella. But apparently every fan of Star Wars would love the innovative Imperial Star Destroyer if this was true.

Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Umbrella

Apparently not all Transformers need the energy from All Spark such as the following real-life Autobot. It seems the robot might more like a bottle of beer.

Real-Life Transformers Autobot in Action

As we know, famous cute Worms have been coming via Worms Reloaded video game by Team17. If you like these cute but dangerous Worms, the Worms themed T-shirt should be suitable for you.

A Team Lets Four Worms on Your T-shirt

Do you know how Halo Reach landed on London? Apparently the following Spartan with a jetpack on his played an important role.

Halo Reach London by Spartan with Jetpack

We want so much things but what we really needed are few and far between. Apparently this is the distinction between modern and primitive.

A Comparison between What We Need and Want as a Geek