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To celebrate the 25th birthday of the Legend of Zelda, one of the most popular Nintendo video games, Japanese artist ag+ created the incredible painting.

Incredible Fan's Painting for Zelda's Birthday

All we know iPad 2 will be coming soon. But for some people, iPad 2 has been released such as the following funny guy who made the incredible iPad 2 review video.

Funny iPad 2 Review Video

LEGO SpongeBob Terminator

February 22, 2011 | In: Crazy Graphics, Toys

When did SpongeBob SquarePants turned into Terminator? Apparently with the help of LEGO bricks, it is not difficult at all.

LEGO SpongeBob Terminator

This is not the first Angry Birds birthday cake, but it is the first playable Angry Birds birthday cake. How to lay waste green pigs’ shelters on the cake? Let’s go on checking.

Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake

The war between Angry Birds and Green Pigs is still going on all over the world of cake. This time, the battlefield is a huge castle birthday cake that was invaded by green pig.

The Castle under Siege of Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Angry Birds Zombie Version

February 15, 2011 | In: Crazy Graphics

Do you know what will happen when Angry Birds meet Walking Dead? Check out the Angry Birds Zombie version, the answer is self-evident.

Angry Birds Zombie Version

We’ve seen Angry Birds themed toppers and birthday cake. Apparently Angry Birds weren’t contented, now they’ve invaded our cupcakes.

Angry Birds Cupcakes

No doubt, we hope you can get through all levels in Mushroom Kingdom just Using one life of Super Mario, but apparently it’s almost impossible mission, so the 25 ways to kill Super Mario are what you need to avoid.

25 Ways to Kill Super Mario