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During Gamescom 2014, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts released a full short film of Titanfall: Free The Frontier. No matter whether you’re a fan of Titanfall, don’t miss the awesome live-action short film.

Titanfall: Free The Frontier Live Action Short Film by Playfight

Hey, don’t eat any more, we still lacks of LEGO pieces to build a big chocolate cake. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s go on checking the awesome edible chocolate LEGO bricks.

Edible Chocolate LEGO Bricks

Unlike many regular art prints, the three posters bring us a slightly abstract method to display the popular sci-fi TV series. If you like the style, let’s go on checking the Doctor Who watercolor poster set.

Doctor Who Watercolor Poster Set

No doubt, these are our familiar characters from Galaxy Empire. Want them to guard your room? Let’s go on checking the Star Wars character canvas art prints.

Star Wars Character Canvas Art Prints

Apparently many of these popular titles don’t fit for little children, but the talented designer gave us a unique kid-friendly perspective to view those popular games, films and TV shows. Let’s go on checking Storytime Little Golden Book inspired art prints.

Storytime Little Golden Book Inspired Art Prints

We have seen lots of pretty cool poster sets, bu if you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, you may be more willing to display your favorite houses with these Game of Throne sigil art prints.

Game of Thrones Sigil Art Prints

Want to know how many game consoles have been released since 1983? The following photo series will show you the history of game consoles and their game controllers.

Javier Laspiur's Photo Series Shows the History of Game Controllers

Need some decorations to show your love to Star Wars in your house? Take a look at the Star Wars trilogy poster set, it may be a nice idea.

Star Wars Trilogy Alternative Poster Set