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Clockwork Love for amazing Valentines Day

Love is complex, eternal and sexy. How can we impress the love for our girlfriends in Valentines Day? A gift but some hidden significances need in it, just like these ultra complex mechanical clocks with a heart-shaped frame.

Ghosty Lamp makes Pac-Man ghosts on your wall

We have many Pac-Man gadgets, but the Pac-Man ghost is really functional. Pac-man fans, are you ready for decorating your Pac-man room?

Twitter also can be printed

We really should be glad that Twitter is a social tool on the Internet, if Twitter was a letter paper printed many Twitter birds , what would have happened?


What do you think this gadget is in the dollhouse? Just a toy or model? Wrong, it’s a real FM radio.

Soap or light?

January 25, 2010 | In: Crazy Gadgets

portable soap light

It’s really wierd that the soap can give out light. It’s just a bit of light, but enough for lighting around your feet.

"Eye Pod" incredible steampunk iPod Nano

The terrible creature is created by siberfi (nickname on Flickr). If I don’t tell you the steampunk gadget with a huge eye is iPod nano, could you know its real identity? Actually…I couldn’t.

Photoshop Fridge Magnets

Just a week ago, we introduced a kit of Photoshop fridge magnets, but the amazing gadgets are still out of stock at ThinkGeek until now.

ATARI Can Coozy

Extreme gamers, have you remembered the ATARI, one of the most classical game consoles