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Friendly LEGO bricks always can achieve our dreams. Even through your dream is a valuable supercar Bugatti Veyron.

LEGO bricks  Bugatti Veyron

Amazing roll paper for Valentines Day

Yet another wonderful and odd gift for Valentines Day. If you have no courage to say “I love you”, you might like to use this toilet paper covered over with “I Love You From Top To Bottom”.

Gear Ring, a industrial treasure by KinektDesign

No jewels, and no noble metal. This exquisite ring is made with matte stainless steel, and is armed with several gears, just like a ring from the Industrial Revolution.

Send tweets by Rambler on your feet

As we know, Twitter is so hot. We know Twitter and use it through PC, cell phones, and Rambler.

Breadbag for hungry guys

February 2, 2010 | In: Crazy Gadgets

Breadbag for hungry guys

How do you think this gadget is bread-shaped bag or bag-shaped bread.


It’s really crazy gadget. I’ve never thought someone could make a gadget for the ‘lady hair’. Design a Beaver Magnetic Picture is one for that.


We still can’t see a real iPad but those iPad pictures. but someone always could find a good way to quench thirst.

Amusing optical mouse dedicated to women

Don’t forget our female readers, your are our power for introducing these wonderful gadgets such as the amusing optical mouse with strong muscle.