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The project of Street Fighter X Tekken has been unveiled at Comic-Con. We’re not sure whether the classical character Chun Li will be included. However we really want the cutest Chun Li can appear in the video game.

The Cutest Chun Li Not in Street Fighter

How do you think about the pay-per-sit bench? crazy, functional, or anything else? Anyway, we think this is a penny-hungry bench.

Pay-per-sit Bench with Spikes

Don’t mind that we addressed evil Darth Vader in this way. Once you own these Star Wars costumes, your dog will also become Darth Vader, Master Yoda or Princess Leia.

Darth Vader is a dog

What’s this? Apparently you hardly imagine the gadget is an iPhone stand if you just see it alone. But it’s true, it’s not a mini toilet plunger.

iPLUNGE Plunger Shaped iPhone Stand

As far as we know, most of arcade fans are men to the core. Apparently a common arcade controller doesn’t make their palms feel more comfortable. perhaps we should try the mannequin arcade controller.

The Best Arcade Controller for Men

Undoubtedly Iron Man Armor is much stronger than the weak shell of R2-D2. So Mike Verta, a famous digital artist put the ultra armor on R2-D2.

Star Wars R2-D2 in Iron Man Armor MK X

What do you think if you see these architectures shaped as those popular video game consoles, Nintendo DS Lite, Sony PS3 and NES Console. We must recognize all these architectures are the headquarters of the game consoles.

Popular Video Game Consoles Turn into Huge Architectures

Yet another supercar has joined the LEGO car. That’s Ariel Atom V8. I have no idea whether or not the LEGO Ariel Atom has 500 horsepower, but it’s definitely cool enough.

LEGO Ariel Atom V8 by Tyler Reid