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We have featured a few pretty cool car chargers, but if you use Qi-enabled smartphone or iPhone 5/5s with a wireless charging receiver, the Rev wireless charger may draw your more attention.

Rev Car Friendly Wireless Charger

Have you remembered the fights with mutant cockroaches in Fallout video game series? Now a mega cockroach has come to our real world for surprising your friends.

Mega Cockroach Model Not from Fallout Series

Universal Pacman Ghosts

November 8, 2010 | In: Crazy Gadgets

Apparently those clever ghosts thought out various ways to find out greedy Pacman, for instance, dressing up as popular characters like Hello Kitty, Homer Simpson, and etc.

Universal Pacman Ghosts

Halloween is around the corner. If you have a splendid Halloween costume project just like the following predator costume, you’d better seize time.

Terrible Predator Halloween Costume

No doubt, this is absolutely one of the most odd and crazy Halloween costume. Of course, you can dress it on your head at any time. But who is willing to do so?

Crazy Halloween Costume for Crazy Party

Want to hold a Rock & Rock party at home? No doubt, this DJ mouse should be a functional gadget for our famous DJ in the future.

Rock Your Computer with DJ Mouse

As we know, Yoda Master was never caught by evil Darth Vader in Star Wars. Apparently it doesn’t mean Darth Vader don’t want Yoda’s head. Can you imagine Vader’s excitement while seeing the Yoda head cake?

Darth Vader's Favorite Yoda Cake

You want to spice up your life with something? The collection of hairy underwear which we just found should be useful for you.

Hilarious Hairy Underwear Collection