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We don’t have too much skills to build a camera with some cardboard, so we need a template and some accessories such as the following Viddy built-it-yourself pinhole camera.

Viddy Build-it-Yourself Pinhole Camera

Xiaomi recently released their first app-enabled air purifier. If you want more fresh air around you in your house, the Mi Air Purifier may be a nice option.

Xiaomi Mi App-Enabled Air Purifier

Generally you need to set a password for your router, but if you want a more handily way to access to WiFi, you may like to check Keewifi, a secure and easy-to-setup wireless router without needing any password.

Keewifi A Secure and Easy-to-setup Wireless Router

We have seen many nice wireless trackers that can locate your items, but if you also want to detect any strange movement of your object, the following Lymbit item finder may be more suitable for you.

Lymbit More Than an Item Finder

The “apple juice” disagrees with you but it absolutely works with your mobile devices. If you also like the design, let’s go on checking the 100% energy apple juice power bank.

100% Energy Apple Juice Power Bank

Want to make some unique gingerbread cookies that befit a faithful fan of Star Wars? Take a look at the Star Wars gingerbread cookie cutter set, it may be able to catch your eyes.

Star Wars Gingerbread Cookie Cutter Set

Unlike other smart wristbands, Pinto can’t be used to track your health or movement, but the Bluetooth storage wristband ensures your important data stays around your wrist. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking.

Pinto Bluetooth Storage Wristband

Need a suitable charging station that works well with your iOS or Android device with protective case? Take a look at Sarvi Dock, the aluminum docking station may be a nice option.

Sarvi Dock Charging Station for iOS and Android Devices