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Need a simple way to mount your portable speaker on your bike or portable tripod? Take a look at Transit XS, the mountable portable Bluetooth speaker should be a nice option.

Transit XS Mountable Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t expect you can use the smart ring to track your movement, but if you want to read messages from your smartphone on your finger, the MOTA smartring may be a nice solution.

MOTA SmartRing Lets You Read Messages on Your Finger

How many cables are under your desk? Need a convenient way to manage those tangled cables? Take a look at BlueLounge’s Soba cable organizer, it may be a nice solution.

BlueLounge Soba Cable Organizer

It’s time to show off some horrible items for upcoming Halloween. If you think it’s a nice idea, let’s go on checking the handmade pumpkin candle holder.

Halloween Pumpkin Candle Holder

Apparently most bags and camera straps don’t have built-in power bank, but using Sun Strap solar charger, you can turn your bag or camera strap into an on-the-go charging station. Like the idea? Let’s go on checking.

Sun Strap Solar Charger for Bags and Camera Straps

Want an easy way to learn the data of your shooting and ball-handling skills? Take a look at the Shot Improving smart basketball, it may be a high-tech solution.

The Shot Improving Smart Basketball

Apparently the bag of holding inspired backpack can’t hold those treasures larger than its own size, but it’s a clear way to show your love to the Dungeons & Dragons game. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking.

The Bag of Holding Inspired Backpack

No doubt, it’s a pretty fashionable way to tell business partners you’re a faithful fan of Batman. Curious? Let’s go on checking the handmade personalized silver Batman cufflinks.

The Handmade Personalized Silver Batman Cufflinks