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How to enjoy a hot bath during a camping trip? Don’t think it’s impossible. The following Nomad collapsible tub will bring you a nice solution for comfortable hot bath on the go.

Nomad Collapsible Tub for Comfortable Hot Bath On the Go

Satechi has released its latest gadget – Bluetooth wireless smart keyboard. Have you been tired of compact keyboard layout? The full-size Bluetooth keyboard may be more suitable for you.

Satechi Bluetooth Smart Keyboard

Following their TrueSmart smart watch released one year ago, Omate’s latest smartwatch has been announced. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking Omate X wrist watch.220

Omate X Smartwatch Announced

In addition to keep you safe during riding, what does a motorcycle helmet can do for you? If you had a Skully AR-1 smart motorcycle helmet, it would provide you more advanced functions.

Skully AR-1 Smart Motorcycle Helmet

Don’t worry, you won’t activate the time machine. Of course, if you like the way to turn on/off the lamp in your room, the switch plate cover will be glad to disguise the light switch as mini TARDIS.

Doctor Who TARDIS Switch Plate Cover

No doubt, Borderlands is a very popular video game series. If you’re a faithful fan of the FPS game, the awesome Borderlands concept assault rifle prop replica should be able to catch your eyes.

Awesome Borderlands Concept Assault Rifle Prop Replica

You can pause your music via the remote on your earbuds or your smartphone, but if you want a smart way to pause your audio playback on the go, the SoundOuts Bluetooth headphones will be a better solution.

SoundOuts Bluetooth Headphones Know You Want to Pause Music

X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, apparently these are our familiar spaceships, but they look much more adorable than their original designs. If you like the design, let’s go on checking the SD Star Wars plush vehicles.

Pretty Cute SD Star Wars Plush Vehicles