Category: Cool Gadgets

The Nautical Camera Bag for Fashionable Photographers

The camera bag not only holds your DSLR camera, but also serves as a messenger bag for your essentials, and leather exterior and nautical stripes deliver a fashion statement.

Fashionable Nautical Leather Camera Bag


Dinosaur Skull Staple Remover

The dino skull staple remover is not a souvenir from Jurassic World, but unique dinosaur inspired design provides you a pretty cool way to remove any staple.

Dinosaur Skull Shaped Staple Remover


Superhero Inspired Floating Bookshelf

The superhero looks like keeping your books in the air with his one hand. Like the visual effect? Let’s go on for the superhero inspired bookshelf.

Superhero Floating Bookshelf


VOMO is an Affordable High Performance Electric Scooter

With a powerful 350-watt motor, you can ride the VOMO electric scooter at a 20mph top speed, and it only costs you $349 during its fundraising campaign.

VOMO High Performance Electric Scooter


CTRL ONE Sunglasses Protect Your Vision by Changing the Lenses Tint Automatically

Unlike a pair of conventional sunglasses, CTRL ONE is capable of automatically changing the tint of its lenses for protecting your vision. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going for the innovative sunglasses.

CTRL ONE sunglasses change the tint of its lenses automatically


Minipresso Hand-Powered Portable Espresso Maker

Want to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee during hiking? Take a look at Minipresso portable espresso maker, it may be a nice solution.

Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker


Solar Paper Ultra Portable Modular Solar Charger

As its name implies, the Solar Paper provides you an eco-friendly and ultra portable way to charge your mobile devices. Line the feature? Let’s go on for Yolk’s modular solar charger.

Solar Paper Portable Modular Solar Charger


Spigen Mobile Stand S310 Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets

With its solid aluminum construction and tilt tray, Spigen’s Mobile Stand S310 lets you comfortably enjoy your tablet and smartphone on the desk. Like the feature? Let’s keep going.

Spigen Mobile S310 Phone and Tablet Stand