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Need a handy and accurate way to check your BAC? Take a look at BACtrack Vio, the app-enabled smart breathalyzer may be suitable for you.

BACtrack Vio App-Enabled Smart Breathalyzer

Satechi recently released its latest summer friendly USB accessory – a USB air purifier with fan. Need a handy way to bring you a clean and cool personal space in your home or office? It may be a nice solution.

Satechi USB Air Purifier with Fan

Want to turn your car stereo into wireless speaker or handily charge your smartphone in your car? Take a look at Kinivo BTC455 Bluetooth handsfree car kit with audio receiver and charger, it may be a nice solution.

Kinivo Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit with Audio Receiver and Charger

Need a handy way to help you improve your yoga Pisces at home? Take a look at Beacon, the interactive smart yoga mat may be a nice solution.

The Beacon Interactive Smart Yoga Mat

Those keychain friendly power banks provide a handy way to extend your smartphone’s battery life, but if you need more battery capacity, the Megalo Mini ultra portable charger may be a better option.

Megalo Mini Ultra Portable Charger with 1400mAh Backup Battery

It’s not only a pair of typical cufflinks as fashionable ornamentation, but two bottle openers for your favorite beverages. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the French cufflinks.

The French Cufflinks with Bottle Openers

Wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock and thermometer have been integrated into the wood block. If you like the versatile design, let’s go on checking W2 Qi wireless charging wood.

W2 Qi Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker, Alarm Clock and Thermometer

Need a perfect summer party companion to hold your favorite beverages and foods and bring you more functions? Take a look at Coolest, the multi functional cooler with blender, Bluetooth speaker, USB charger and more may be a more suitable solution.

Coolest A Multi Functional Cooler with Blender, Bluetooth Speaker, USB Charger and More