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Apparently not every speaker system features gorgeous light effect, but if yo want, the SuperNova light cube LED Bluetooth speaker should be able to catch your eyes.

SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker

The Wearhaus Arc not only lets you enjoy your favorite music, but also allows you to share the music with others with the wireless headphones nearby. Curious? Let’s go on checking.

Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

We have seen that supercapacitor 5-minute portable charger. Now a new portable Bluetooth speaker named Hydrogen has also ensured you to charge it in 5 minutes because it’s also powered by supercapacitors.

Hydrogen Supercapacitor Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Satechi recently released a new gadget for desktop computer – F3 Smart Monitor Stand. If you want to more comfortably use your computer, the monitor stand with USB 3.0 hub may be a nice option.

Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand with USB 3.0 Hub

Apparently you can’t use the joystick to play the classic video game, but it provides a unique way to hold your favorite coffee. Sounds cool? Let’s go on checking the Space Invaders inspired 3D arcade coffee mug.

The Space Invaders Inspired 3D Arcade Coffee Mug

Stelle Audio recently released Mini-Clutch, a combination of fashion and technology. The clutch bag not only allows to hold your daily essentials, but also delivers you beautiful music. Curious? Let’s go on checking the fashionable Bluetooth speaker.

Stelle Audio Mini-Clutch Fashionable Bluetooth Speaker

You’ve been tired of keeping tilting your smartphone to play the classic maze game? Then you may like to check the wooden Labyrinth game, undoubtedly it will bring you more tactile gaming experience.

The Wooden Labyrinth Game

Similar with camera lens mug, you can’t use it to capture awesome photos, but it offers a photographer friendly way to wake you up in the morning. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the camera lens calendar alarm clock.

Camera Lens Inspired Calendar Alarm Clock