Category: Cool Gadgets

Starry Station Wireless Router Boasts an Integrated Touchscreen for Intuitive Display and Control

Using an integrated touchscreen, Starry Station wireless router provides an intuitive display and control experience, and its custom app brings you more settings and controls for the router.

Starry Station Wireless Router with an Integrated Touchscreen


TYLT VÜ Pulse Pebble Time Case with Heart Rate Monitor and Wireless Charging

Pebble Time is undoubtedly a great smartwatch, but it still has room for improvement, so TYLT released VÜ Pulse, a Pebble Time case with heart rate monitor and wireless charging. Cool? Let’s keep going.

TYLT VÜ Pulse Pebble Time Case Features Heart Rate Monitor and Wireless Charging


ThermalTech Solar-Powered Smart Jacket Keeps You Warm without Extra Accessory

Using its unique ThermalTech fabric, the solar-powered smart jacket keeps you warm without needing any extra accessory. Sounds great? Let’s keep going.

ThermalTech Solar-Powered Smart Jacket Keeps You Warm in Winter


The Ironbirdge Wall Shelf is Designed for Your Favorite Potted Plants, Photos and More

Need a pretty cool way to show off your favorite potted plants, photos and collections in your room? Take a look at the Ironbridge wall shelf. It may match your sense of style.

Ironbirdge Iron Birdge Shaped Wall Shelf


Booq Daypack Backpack Holds Your Daily Essentials in Style

Booq has released their latest backpack – Daypack. Using its suitable size and stylish design, the backpack holds your daily essentials in style.

Booq Daypack Backpack


The Zombie Mugs Show off Realistic and Creepy Detailing

You’d better not look at the zombie mug when drinking your coffee at night. I’m afraid that the realistic creepy retailing would scare you. Like the design from unknowing post apocalypse? Let’s keep going.

The Zombie Mugs Features Realistic and Creepy Detailing


BubDrone Ultra Mini Flying Drone with 720p Camera Controlled by Your Smartphone or Tablet

Using its ultra mini design and integrated 720p camera, bubDrone lets you enjoy flying wherever you go. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going for the new mini drone.

BubDrone Ultra Mini Flying Drone with 720p Camera



The Skeleton Hand Jewelry Tidy Organizes Your Treasures in Style

With its anatomical style, the skeleton hand jewelry tidy delivers a pretty cool combination with your wearable treasures and organize them in style. Like the design? Let’s keep going.

Skeleton Hand Jewelry Tidy