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There are lots of portable chargers in the market for our mobile devices, but if you need more energy for more devices, the Lifepower A2 AC power bank may be a better fit for you.

Lifepower A2 Portable AC Power Bank Not Only for Your Mobile Devices

It’s time to bravely express your love to your sweetie. Of course, also don’t forget to combine some romance, for instance, use the heat changing love coffee mug.

Heat Changing Love Coffee Mug

The Nintendo Famicom “controller” can’t be used to play your favorite retro video games, but it’s a nice companion for your smartphone. Curious? Let’s go for the Famicom inspired power bank with card reader.

Retro Nintendo Famicom Controller Power Bank with Card Reader

id America has expanded their elegant Wall St series. Now you can use the Wall St leather laptop clutch to protect your precious laptop in a stylish way.

id America Wall St Leather Laptop Clutch

The digital Swiss Knife is designed for your iOS or Android devices. With its built-in power bank, item finder, camera shutter and more, it will bring you more convenience. Curious? Let’s go on for KiiTAG 2.

KiiTAG 2 A Digital Swiss Knife for iOS and Android Devices

It’s another successful combination of pixel art and pop culture. If you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, the following coffee mugs should catch your eyes.

The Handmade Game of Thrones Coffee Mugs

Looking for a nice Valentine’s Day gift foe your girlfriend? If she’s a fan of Hello Kitty, the following Hello Kitty glowing power bank may be suitable for you.

Hello Kitty Glowing Power Bank

Microsoft HoloLens undoubtedly was the biggest innovation at yesterday’s Windows 10 event, and it should be the greatest gadget in years if successful. Are you ready to use the holographic goggles to step into the future ahead of time?

Microsoft HoloLens Holographic Goggles Announced