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X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, apparently these are our familiar spaceships, but they look much more adorable than their original designs. If you like the design, let’s go on checking the SD Star Wars plush vehicles.

Pretty Cute SD Star Wars Plush Vehicles

No doubt setting at a computer for a long time is not a good habit, but too much work forces you to keep working with your computer. Take a look at LIFT, you may like to use it to upgrade your desk to a standing desk.

LIFT Upgrades Your Desk to Standing Desk

Tokyoflash has released its latest unique designed LED watchKisai Radioactive. Want your wrist watch look like a wearable device for post-apocalyptic age? Let’s go on checking.

Tokyoflash Kisai Radioactive LED Watch

It’s not a useless stone but a versatile backup battery for your mobile devices. If up you like the interesting design, let’s go on checking the following QiStone+ wireless power bank.

QiStone+ Wireless Power Bank

We introduced KettleCharge, a camping friendly kettle with charger, but if you need an easier-to-carry charging solution, the FlameStower portable charger may be more suitable for you.

FlameStower Portable Charger Uses Water and Fire to Charge Mobile Devices

Don’t worry about losing or forgetting your keys, Noke, the smart Bluetooth padlock will bring you an easier way to lock and unlock your valuables or share keys with your friends and family members.

Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock

Sorry, it’s not your favorite doughnut, but if you also like beautiful music, the following Hoop portable Bluetooth speaker may also draw your attention.

Hoop Doughnut Shaped Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sync not only is a fitness tracker to monitor your steps, calories burned and REM sleep, but also a locator to locate your kid in crowed public areas. If you need these functions, let go on checking the health, location and activity tracker.

Sync Health, Location and Activity Tracker for Family