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The Legend of Zelda Link’s Shield Backpack

The soft Hylian Shield can’t be used to block any magic or physical attack in The Legend of Zelda, but it’s our real world. The Link’s shield backpack is useful enough to hold your display essentials and show your Zelda pride.

The Legend of Zelda Link's Shield Backpack


The Grenade Coffee Mug Perks You Up With Your Favorite Beverage

Don’t worry, there is no gunpowder in the special “grenade”, but it can hold your favorite beverage that perks you up. Cool? Let’s keep going for the grenade coffee mug.

Grenade Coffee Mug


G2 Folding Firebox Camping Stove Lets You Cook Anywhere

With its unique folding design, you can easily put the G2 Firebox camping stove in your backpack and take it anywhere, so it provides you a flexible and convenient way to cook when out camping or picnicking.

G2 Folding Firebox Camping Stove


O2Tech App-Enabled Bluetooth LED Camping Lantern

With built-in Bluetooth technology, the O2Tech’s LED camping lantern wirelessly connect with your smartphone for remote control. And built-in sensors add smart features to the LED lantern.

The App-Enabled Bluetooth LED Camping Lantern


Goat Horn Shaped Coffee Mug Lets You Enjoy Your Joe in Style

Apparently the horn can’t be used to boost morale in battlefield, but your joe in the goat horn shaped coffee mug exactly will perk you up soon. Like the wild design? Let’s keep going.

Goat Horn Shaped Coffee Mug


Duo Coffee Steeper Provides You an Easy Way to Brew Delicious Coffee

Don’t need tedious process or a connection to the grid, Duo coffee steeper provide you an way way to brew delicious coffee at home. Sounds great? Let’s keep going for the coffee maker.

Duo Coffee Steeper Lets You Brew Delicious Coffee with Ease


The Keyboard Waffle Iron Lets You Bake Keyboard-Shaped Waffles

Forget those regular waffles. For a native geek, you need some specials to keep you full so the keyboard waffle iron was born that allows you to shows off your geeky style when enjoying your breakfast.

Keyboard Waffle Iron



Chill-O Skull Head Stainless Steel Ice Cube Set

Have you remembered those shining stainless steel ice cubes that can chill your favorite beverage? If you want some more amazing options, you may like to check the skull head stainless steel ice cube set.

Skull Head Stainless Steel Ice Cube Set