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We introduced a set of Star Trek themed ceramic coasters two years ago, but it has been unavailable, luckily we has found another handmade metal Star Trek coaster set. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

The Handmade Metal Star Trek Coaster Set

Want to capture perfect panoramic photos or record motion time-lapse videos using your smartphone or camera? Take a look at Spinpod, the motion control stand should be able to help you.

Spinpod Motion Control Stand for Seamless Panoramic & Time-Lapse Photography

Sorry, you can’t put the bottle opener into your pocket, but it allows you to open bottles in a pretty cool way at home. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking DropCatch magnetic bottle opener.

DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener

We have introduced many nice power banks, but if you want an eco-friendly and elegant option, the following Magma solar powered backup battery may be able to draw your more attention.

Magma Solar Powered Backup Battery

Need a stylish and practical bag to hold your laptop and other items? Take a look at Chrome’s Welded Transport Postbag, it may be able to meet your requirements.

Chrome Welded Transport Postbag

You can easily find out various practical battery chargers, but if you want a stylish way to charge your batteries, the following Powerchute battery charger may be more suitable for you.

Powerchute Battery Charger

Don’t worry, the red Dalek doesn’t destroy anything on your table, and if you need a unique container for your favorite coffee or tea, the Doctor Who Dalek ceramic pitcher should be able to draw your eyes.

Doctor Who Dalek Ceramic Pitcher

Want to create some simple and practical tools at home? If you’re not a skillful crafter, you may need a building tool such as the following Buccaneer 3D printer for home consumers.

The Buccaneer 3D Printer for Home Consumers