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3DSimo Mini 3D Printing Pen with Four Interchangeable Tips for Shaping Cutting Soldering and Burning

With four unique interchangeable tips, 3DSimo mini 3D printing pen not only lets you make awesome 3D creations, but also provides multiple ways to express your creativity.

3DSimo Mini 3D Printing Pen


LG Rolly is a Rollable Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Last week LG announced Rolly, their latest rollable portable Bluetooth keyboard. Unlike those soft silicone keyboards, the Rolly features hardshell construction, which undoubtedly brings you more comfortable typing experience.

LG Rolly Rollable Portable Bluetooth Keyboard


PaperJohn is an Eco-friendly Backpack-styled Shopping Bag

Countless plastic bags are destroying our environment. The best way to improve this situation is to reduce usage of plastic bags, so PaperJohn, a backpack-styled shopping bag was born to bring you an eco-friendly way to carry your groceries.

PaperJohn Eco-friendly Backpack-styled Shopping Bag


Star Wars R2-D2 Cookie Jar Boasts Iconic Beeping Sound

The R2-D2 in real world isn’t a competent steward that can handle all your housework, but using its roomy interior, the R2-D2 cookie jar helps you keep your favorite snacks in place.

Star Wars R2-D2 Cookie Jar with Iconic Beeping Sound


The Steampunk Tesla Watch Makes You Look Like a Time Traveler

Don’t envy Doctor Who’s TARDIS. We have a more awesome gadget that makes you look like a time traveler. That’s the steampunk Tesla analog watch. Have you been ready to wind the key to open the door of time?

Steampunk Tesla Watch


MYNT is a Durable Bluetooth Tracker That Doubles as Remote Control

All the components of MYNT have been packed in its stainless steel housing, which ensures the Bluetooth tracker steadily puts an eye on your valuables, and it works as a remote control. Nice idea? Let’s keep going.

MYNT Bluetooth Tracker with Remote Control


The Coffee Grinder Brewer with Integrated Dripper

Not everyone likes fully automatic coffee machine. If you have a preference to brew a cup of coffee by yourself, you may like to check the coffee grinder brewer with integrated dripper.

Coffee Grinder Brewer with Integrated Dripper


Aerius is the World’s Smallest Quadcopter

It seems Axis Drones has broken their own record. Following Wallet Drone, they has unveiled Aerius, their latest mini drone that is qualified to receive the title of the world’s smallest quadcopter.

Aerius The World's Smallest Quadcopter