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Oppo Food Ball Dog Feeder

December 20, 2014 | In: Cool Gadgets

“Slow down, you eat too fast”, but apparently not every dog know what you mean, so you may like to deploy an Oppo’s Food Ball dog feeder for your lovely pet.

Oppo Food Ball Dog Feeder

Protect teen drivers, track trips, vehicle diagnostics, manage fuel costs. If these features can catch your eyes, let’s go on checking miaLinkup app-enabled smart car tracker.

miaLinkup App-Enabled Smart Car Tracker

It’s not only a portable charger, but also a Bluetooth gamepad for your iPhone or iPad. If you like the combination, let’s go on checking the following iPac-Man.

iPac-Man Portable Charger and Bluetooth Gamepad for iPhone and iPad

For a Doctor Who themed dinner, you must have prepared TARDIS tablecloth, plate set and even TARDIS tea tray, but also don’t forget the following Sonic Screwdriver cutlery set.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery Set

Want to use your large-screen smartphone to step in the world of virtual reality with a more comfortable wearing experience? Take a look at Viewbox, the VR headset may be suitable for you.

Viewbox VR Headset Works with Large-screen Smartphones

Don’t worry, the “rocket” won’t send your valuables to outer space, but if you want a unique way to hold your items by your sofa, the rocket inspired cardboard table may catch your eyes.

The Rocket Inspired Cardboard Table

Backpack, messenger bag and briefcase have been packed in Phorce Freedom. Want to own all the three bags? Let’s go on checking the 3-in-1 smart bag.

Phorce Freedom 3-in-1 Smart Bag

Want a simple way to get higher quality audio from your headphones? Take a look at MIYO, the digital-to-analog converter may be a suitable solution.

MIYO Digital-to-analog Converter for Better Audio Experience