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No double, it’s not very easy to use your computer mouse on your leg, while the talented designer has focused on the issue, and released a great solution. That’s the Arc wireless mouse.

The Arc Wireless Mouse Not Only for Flat Surface

Bright color and unique dual dial design, no doubt, the following Sektorus concept watch has caught our eyes. If you also like this kind of vivid design, let’s o on checking.

Sektorus Concept Watch

There are many rumors that iPhone 5 will release in the second half of this year. But far-sighted designer has focused on more advanced iPhone model. That’s the iPhone 6 design concept.

iPhone 6 Design Concept

A digital image is able to contain much information, however, it’s really hard for us to know more from a real photo, but the following concept digital data printer OKSU would help us know more from a photo.

OKSU Concept Digital Data Printer

You can use a portable speaker to enjoy your favorite music on the go. But if you also want to dock your iPhone or Android phone, the following Viva concept dock speaker will be a great idea.

Viva Concept Dock Speaker Inspired by Origami

Just one month ago, we introduced a Facebook inspired concept phone. But apparently not every one likes it, so the skillful designer has redesigned it. That’s the HTC Facebook smartphone design concept.

HTC Facebook Smartphone Design Concept

Don’t think it’s just a normal DSLR camera lens. In fact, you an use it to take photos, record videos, and even more. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Iris concept camera.

Control the Iris Concept Camera via Your Blinks

Like using Instagram to capture wonderful moments, adding filters and sharing with your friends? Then the following Instagram inspired glasses may be able to catch your eyes.

Instaglasses An Instagram Inspired Glasses