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Eager Apple fans like discussing the possible features of futuristic Apple products, while talented designers are better at turning them into visual designs such as the another iPhone 6 design concept.

Another iPhone 6 Design Concept

We have introduced many nice desktop cable organizers, but if you also need a handy way to identity your cables, the following Finger Jack Holder cable organizer will be a nice solution.

Finger Jack Holder Cable Organizer

We have been accustomed to hearing various rumors about next-generation Apple products, but the talented designer apparently jumped out the circle and released the awesome iPad design concept.

Awesome iPad Design Concept

Don’t worry, we don’t ask you to tear down your iPhone 5, but if you like the unique uncovering design, let’s go on checking the skeletonized iPhone 5 case.

Skeletonized iPhone 5 Case

No doubt Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphone series have received by lots of users. Maybe it’s a right time to release their Lumia Pad Windows 8 tablet, at least the designer thought so.

Concept Nokia Lumia Pad Windows 8 Tablet

Don’t want to miss calls due to small ring tone or slight vibration? Maybe in near future, the bottle-like mobile phone will be a nice solution.

Curious Mobile Phone Design Concept

We have featured many practical mini Bluetooth keyboards for iPhone and other smartphones, but if you want an integrated solution, the concept iPhone 4 keyboard case should be able to give you some inspiration.

Fliptype iPhone 4 Keyboard Case

We have introduced lots of well-designed portable speakers. But Moktak, the concept outdoor portable speaker system has still caught our eyes. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Moktak Outdoor Portable Speaker System