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The Brick not only stores your digital data, but also protect the earphone jack of your smartphone. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the USB flash drive design concept.

Brick USB Flash Drive Design Concept

The RingIng looks like a small bell, but apparently you can’t ring the special bell, however, if you want to enjoy your favorite music, the ring shaped portable Bluetooth speaker will help you.

RingIng Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Can you imagine how to install a wall mount to your window? Take a look at Window Socket, the solar powered outlet will tell you a nice answer.

The Solar Powered Window Socket

Need a conveniently way to share your great idea during meeting? In addition to stacks of documents, the GIGS.2.GO tear and share USB flash drives should also be a proper solution.

GIGS.2.GO Tear And Share USB Flash Drives

Eager Apple fans like discussing the possible features of futuristic Apple products, while talented designers are better at turning them into visual designs such as the another iPhone 6 design concept.

Another iPhone 6 Design Concept

We have introduced many nice desktop cable organizers, but if you also need a handy way to identity your cables, the following Finger Jack Holder cable organizer will be a nice solution.

Finger Jack Holder Cable Organizer

We have been accustomed to hearing various rumors about next-generation Apple products, but the talented designer apparently jumped out the circle and released the awesome iPad design concept.

Awesome iPad Design Concept

Don’t worry, we don’t ask you to tear down your iPhone 5, but if you like the unique uncovering design, let’s go on checking the skeletonized iPhone 5 case.

Skeletonized iPhone 5 Case