Category: Concept Gadgets

The Concept Commodore RUN Desktop Computer Blends Nostalgia and Modern Technologies

Commodore 64 had a huge success in the 1980s. Maybe a new redesigned C64 can replicate the success nowadays, so the concept Commodore RUN desktop computer was born along with an amazing blend of nostalgia from C64 and modern technologies.

The Concept Commodore RUN Desktop Computer Shows Honor to Commodore 64


Halo S is a Concept Modem Router with Detachable Mini WiFi Extenders

To enhance the WiFi signal in the house, we have to add one or more WiFi range extenders, so talented designer came up with another easier way – Halo S, a concept modem router with detachable mini WiFi extenders.

Halo S Concept WiFi Router with Detachable WiFi Extenders


If Apple Made Their Own 3D Printer

What would it look like if Apple made their own 3D printer? I have no idea, but talented designer Martin has given us a nice answer with his latest design concept.

If Apple Made 3D Printer


The Peek is a Gesture Controlled, Interactive Portable Projector

You can use a portable projector to enjoy your favorite entertainment content, but if you want a free and handy platform to deal with your work, Peek, a gesture controlled, interactive portable projector will be a perfect solution.

Peek Gesture Controlled, Interactive Portable Projector


All-In-One Portable Toiletries Bag for Busy Men

You always need to trip for various business or personal reasons? Then the all-in-one portable toiletries bag will be a perfect solution for packing your all toiletries.

Concept All-In-One Portable Toiletries Bag


The Coffee Cups Inspired by Darth Vader and Stormtrooper

Two talented designers are planning Dark Brew Coffee House. They want to brew coffee with the dark side of the Force, so they came up with two coffee cups inspired by Darth Vader and Stormtrooper.

Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Inspired Coffee Cups


The Concept iPhone 6k Shows off a Slidable Keyboard

The next generation iPhone should be named iPhone 7, but it will be unavailable until second half of next year, so talented designer came up with iPhone 6k, a concept iPhone with a slidable keyboard.

The Concept iPhone 6k Features a Slidable Keyboard



Chai Tea Infusion Series Lets You Brew and Enjoy Tea in an Elegant Way

Just using a tea infuser, you can brew your favorite tea, but if you want a more elegant way to enjoy the process of brewing and your tea, the Chai tea infusion series may draw your more attention.

Chai Tea Infusion Series