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These Concept Sports Cars Inspired by Star Wars Characters

Apparently those futuristic vehicles without wheels from Star Wars don’t suit on current roads, so talented designer came up with the concept sports cars inspired by those iconic Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Inspired Characters Concept Sports Cars


The iPod Pro is a Concept Fitness Tracker Inspired by Apple Watch

Apple has released iPad Pro, but we have no idea whether they have any plan to roll out iPod Pro. Now a talented design has came up with his idea – a rounded iPod Pro fitness tracker inspire by Apple Watch.

iPod Pro Concept Fitness Tracker Inspired by Apple Watch


The Nintendo Game Boy 1up Handhold Game Console Inspired by Classic Game Boy

The original Game Boy in the 80s has been outmoded, but many games from the classic handheld game console are still parts of pop culture even today so Nintendo Game Boy 1up has born with classic elements and enhanced design fitting modern tastes.

Concept Nintendo Game Boy 1up Handhold Game Console


Samsung Galaxy Gear Edge Concept Smartwatch Shows off a Curved Display

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ features a unique curved display. Why not try to apply the cool feature onto their smartwatch? So talented designer came up with Samsung Galaxy Gear Edge, a concept smartwatch with a curved display.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Edge Smartwatch with Curved Display


The Renderings Show off Gold iMac, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2

Apple has released new iMac, redesigned Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2, but they forgot adding a gold version for their new computer and accessories, so a talented designer helped them finish the work with his latest renderings.

The Renderings Show Us Gold iMac, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard


The Wireless Charger Can be Mounted on the Wall

Don’t want a charging station to take some space on your small bedside tablet or you need an ultra minimal charging solution? Take a look at the wireless charger that can be mounted on the wall. It may be a nice solution in the near future.

The Mountable Wireless Charger Doubles a Key Holder


The Concept Tesla Drone Boasts Vertical and Horizontal Flying Modes

We have no idea whether Musk has any plan to move into flying drone area, but talented designer has come up with a concept Tesla drone. With vertical and horizontal flying modes, the drone brings you more flexible flying experience.

The Concept Tesla Drone



The Hive LED Flashlight Looks Like a Tiny Lens

The Hive looks really like a tiny camera lens, but it’s actually a compact LED flashlight for hiking and long-distance travel. Like the design? Let’s keep going.

The Concept Hive LED Flashlight


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