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Undoubtedly a multi media network controller is more powerful than your remote controller such as the following four in one InterPad concept.

Four in One InterPad Concept

You can find various USB flash drives and several great idea about concrete like the game console architectures. But the concrete brick USB flash drive appears for the first time.

Concrete Brick USB Flash Drive

It’s quite easy to find an unique computer keyboard on the market. Alternatively you can decorate keyboard with some stickers. However, you’ve never seen the crazy keyboard with font art.

Crazy Computer Keyboard with Font Art

Undoubtedly Apple has owned a good many iPhone, iPod, iMac, and iPad fans. Perhaps one group will be added soon. That’s iWatch: a concept wrist watch.

iWatch concept wrist watch by ADR Studio

We’ve introduced several LED lights for your reading in the dark such as the Kandle LED ebook light and reading book cover. Both of them are very useful, but no one is thinner than the lightleaf.

Lightleaf for your reading in the dark

That’s right, it’s a fork, but not for your spaghetti. If there are many tangled cables on your desktop, the fork-shaped cable organizer will give you a perfect solution.

Fork-shaped cable organizer

As we know, various viruses pop up on the Internet. Although the varied AntiVirus softwares can help us to keep these annoying viruses from our computers, yet many of us feel less secure. Now, a new way will be coming: USB hub with AntiVirus function.


How do you use your iPad? The question is very simple, and even a bit foolish. Reading ebooks, newspaper, surfing the Internet, and etc, we still have various answers for the question. But Dominic Wilcox, a designer gave us a different way of using our iPad.

iPad new function activated by iBookend