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How do you use your iPad? The question is very simple, and even a bit foolish. Reading ebooks, newspaper, surfing the Internet, and etc, we still have various answers for the question. But Dominic Wilcox, a designer gave us a different way of using our iPad.

iPad new function activated by iBookend

Solar Pebble Eco-friendly Lamp Powered by Sun

Obviously it’s an eco-friendly gadget exploiting solar energy. It’s called Solar Pebble, a solar powered lamp designed by Adam Robinson for Plus Minus Solar.

Cylindrus 8 Ports USB Hub

Undoubtedly it’s a magic hat-shaped USB hub, but we can’t conjure a rabbit out of the fun USB hub.

Google Map Envelopes

March 30, 2010 | In: Concept Gadgets

Google Map Envelopes

I’m a Google fan just like you. I uses Gmail, Google Map, and most of Google services. But I more want the combination of Gmail and Google Map such as the following unique envelope.

InfiniteUSB design concept unlimited USB hubs

The USB hub with 24 ports is the ultimate USB hub which we’ve introduced at Gadgetsin. Although we guess you might not even use all of that, yet the InfiniteUSB concept is a perfect solution for those madmen of USB devices.

Transparent USB Flash Drive

It’s really incredible USB flash drive with colorful lights and transparent body. In fact, you still can’t get the USB flash drive on the market. It’s just a design concept at present.

CMYK pen concept for designers

It seems the CMYK pen concept is so impressive even though no any description. Let’s imagine, perhaps as long as knowing the CMYK, you could use any color combined by the CMYK pen to draw on paper.

Playing music via Mu Space in your pillow

Do you want to drift off to sleep along with the music? I belive this pillow should be the best gadget for it.