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The notification center of your smartphone can alert you when new notifications come, but if you want a more eye-catching way, Incipio’s Prompt Bluetooth visual notification pod may be a nice solution.

Incipio Prompt Bluetooth Visual Notification Pod

We haven’t heard too many rumors about next-generation iPad. However, talented designer has brought an iPad Pro design concept to challenge current iPad Air. Curious? Let’s keep checking.

Pretty Cool iPad Pro Design Concept

A set of schematics about upcoming iPhone 6 was unveiled by a Japanese website last month so talented designers came up with their iPhone 6 renderings based on these schematics. Let’s keep checking.

Leaked Schematics Based iPhone 6 Renderings

The Circle looks a bit like a robotic vacuum cleaner, but you just use it to play your favorite music or charge your smartphone. Sound good? Let’s go on checking the Bluetooth speaker with wireless charger.

The Circle Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charger

iPad has accepted the ‘Air’ tail following MacBook. Do you think Apple’s next target will be the upcoming iPhone 6? We’re not sure, but a talented designer has expressed his ideas about iPhone Air via his latest design concept.

iPhone Air Design Concept

iPhone 6 is still in the air, but keen designers has come up with their iPhone 6 design concepts based on some rumors such as the following one with larger screen and curved back.

The iPhone 6 Design Concept with Larger Screen and Curved Back

Need a convenient way to charge your iPhone 5, iPad 3 and Android phone? Take a look at Illume, the card sized USB charger may be a nice solution.

Illume Card-Sized USB Charger

It’s not a big problem, but we just always get bored with plugging our USB drive in the wrong way. Take a look at 2-Top double sided USB flash drive, it will be a nice solution.

2-Top Dual Sided USB Flash Drive