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The Concept Laptop Delivers Soft Touch Feeling and Changeable Cover Matching Your Mood

The Mood concept laptop delivers more personalized elements with its changeable cover, and the soft felt cover provides you comfortable touch feeling. Like the design? Let’s keep going.

The Concept Laptop with Changeable Cover Matching Your Mood


Samsung Edgeboard is a Concept Smart Skateboard Inspired by Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung released Galaxy S6 Edge+ last year. Now a talented designer has gotten some inspiration from the two innovative smartphone and unveiled a concept smart skateboard called Samsung Edgeboard.

Samsung Edgeboard - Galaxy S6 Edge Inspired Concept Smart Skateboard


The Philips Power Potion 3000 is an Elegant Concept Power Bank

Many of us have been tired of those brick-like portable chargers. Adding more design aesthetics should be the trend in the industry. Take a look at Philips Power Potion 3000, the elegant concept power bank is another example.

Philips Power Potion 3000 Concept Power Bank


iDot Shows What It Would Look Like If Apple Made Dumbphone

Some analysts predicted iPhone sales will decline next year. Maybe a unique feature phone can bring them another growth point, so talented designer came up with iDot that shows you what it would look like if Apple made a dumbphone.

iDot Concept Feature Phone with Apple Logo


The Emotion Bluetooth Headphones Boast Detachable Action Camera with EEG Technology

Talented designers are trying to bring more functions to Bluetooth headphones such as BioSport headphones with heart rate monitor, while the concept wireless headphones features boast a detachable action camera with EEG technology.

Concept Emotion Bluetooth Headphones with Detachable Action Camera with EEG Technology


The Concept Commodore RUN Desktop Computer Blends Nostalgia and Modern Technologies

Commodore 64 had a huge success in the 1980s. Maybe a new redesigned C64 can replicate the success nowadays, so the concept Commodore RUN desktop computer was born along with an amazing blend of nostalgia from C64 and modern technologies.

The Concept Commodore RUN Desktop Computer Shows Honor to Commodore 64


Halo S is a Concept Modem Router with Detachable Mini WiFi Extenders

To enhance the WiFi signal in the house, we have to add one or more WiFi range extenders, so talented designer came up with another easier way – Halo S, a concept modem router with detachable mini WiFi extenders.

Halo S Concept WiFi Router with Detachable WiFi Extenders



If Apple Made Their Own 3D Printer

What would it look like if Apple made their own 3D printer? I have no idea, but talented designer Martin has given us a nice answer with his latest design concept.

If Apple Made 3D Printer


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