Category: Concept Gadgets

The Focus Earbuds Block External Sounds with Two Unique Caps

Whether you want to concentrate music playback or need to keep sensitive to the environment around you, using two unique caps, the Focus earbuds help you achieve it.

The Focus Earbuds with Two Unique Caps


The Concept Bookshelves Inspired by Captain America, Wonder Woman and SHIELD

The Superman bookshelf has been widely spread on the Internet, so the talented designer decided to turned more symbols of superheroes into bookshelves. Sounds great? Let’s keep going.

Concept Bookshelves Inspired by Captain America, Wonder Woman and SHIELD


Click Ultra Compact Wireless Earbuds

The fantastic design of the Click has caught our attention completely, so we decided to introduce the ultra compact wireless earbuds even through it’s still a concept product under development.

Click Ultra Compact Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case


The eBike 2025 is a Concept Electric Bike with Futuristic Design

As its name implies, the eBike 2025 comes from the near future. Like the futuristic design? Let’s keep going for the concept electric bike.

eBike 2025 Concept Electric Bike


The Concept Cyclone Belt Coffee Machine Inspired by Dyson’s Design Symbols

Dyson’s iconic design symbol has expended from its hairdryer and blameless fan to a coffee machine. Dyson’s design is always cool, so the concept cyclone belt coffee machine may feast your eyes.

Concept Dyson Cyclone Belt Coffee Machine


The Concept iPod Nano Boasts Smoother and More Portable Design

There is no word on that Apple will release next-generation iPad nano this September, but the following design concept shows that the iPod nano will look like if it becomes reality in the near future.

Concept iPod Nano


Smarter Concept Smart USB Charger Boasts a Integrated Display and Unique Curve Design

Using an integrated display, the Smarter concept smart USB charger displays the charging status of your device, and unique curve design keeps your device in place. Like the idea? Let’s keep going.

Smarter Concept Smart USB Charger



The Potan Concept Tablet with a Moduuar Game Controller

There are many nice Bluetooth-enabled game controller dedicatedly designed for tablets and smartphones, but the Potan concept tablet had a modular game controller which undoubtedly delivers more powerful and customizable performance.

Potan Concept Tablet with Moduuar Game Controller