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The Futuristic Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Auto Bin Emptying and Smartphone Connectivity

Apparently not every current robot vacuum is smart enough to deal with those complicated layouts, but the futuristic robot vacuum cleaner should be a better option in near future with its auto bin emptying and smartphone connectivity.

The Futuristic Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Smartphone Connectivity and Auto Bin Emptying


Onemi Foldable FM Radio with an Integrated Solar Panel

With its foldable design, Onemi FM radio can be easily stored in your backpack, and integrated solar panel ensures it works well even after in a zombie apocalypse.

Onemi Foldable FM Radio with Solar Panel


The Concept Oculus Bridge VR Headset Looks Better Than Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift has been available for $599, which allows you to step into virtual world in seconds, but the following concept Oculus Bridge VR headset looks more charming. It may be a better option if it’s available in the near future.

Concept Oculus Bridge VR Headset


The Flexible LED Lamp Looks Like a Toaster

The unique toaster can’t be used to toast, but using 4 LED slices of LED light, the Bread LED lamp provides a flexible way to illuminate. Like the idea? Let’s keep going.

The Flexible LED Lamp Inspired a Toaster


Powerbomb Portable Power Bank Looks Like a Hand Grenade

Don’t worry, the “weapon” will never detonate in your hand, and it delivers enough energy to charge your mobile devices. Cool? Let’s go on for Powerbomb portable power bank.

Powerbomb Hand Grenade Shaped Portable Power Bank


The Cam iPhone 6/6s Case Boasts Interchangeable Lenses and Minimal Design

With its integrated lens adapter, the Cam iPhone case allows you to attach its included phone lenses to your iPhone 6/6s for amazing phonegraphy. Like the idea? Let’s keep going.

The Cam iPhone 6/6s Case wih Interchangeable Lenses


The Fuse iPhone 6/6s Battery Case Boasts Ultra-Thin and Durable Design

Have you been tired of those bulky battery cases? Take a look at the fuse iPhone 6/6s case, it delivers an elegant balance between its aesthetic style and practical functions.

The Fuse Ultra-Thin iPhone 6/6s Battery Case



The Concept Bookshelf Inspired by Superman’s Logo

We have introduced several handcrafted Batman themed wall shelves, but if you’re a faithful fan of Superman, the concept superman logo inspired bookshelf should draw your more attention.

Superman Logo Shaped Concept Bookshelf


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