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We introduced various NES inspired gadgets, apparently these are not enough for NES big fans, then let’s go on checking the NES cartridge external hard drive.

NES Cartridge External Hard Drive

We like those eco-friendly gadgets from bamboo such as the following USB bamboo computer keyboard and mouse.

USB Bamboo Computer Keyboard and Mouse

Have you remembered that impressive modular computer? Now Xi3 has unveiled its latest miniature computer ChromiumPC.

Xi3 ChromiumPC Modular Computer Running Google Chrome OS

Want to securely use your additional hard drives in hot summer? Check out the SSD HDD docking station with cooling fan, maybe it is a nice solution.

SSD HDD Docking Station with Cooling Fan

We’ve introduced various Pacman gadgets, but for those Pacman fans who always work in front of computer, the Pacman themed mouse pad may be more suitable.

Pacman Themed Mouse Pad

For busy editors, it’s very troublesome to “switch” between keyboard and computer mouse. If you feel the same, the Genius ring styled mini wireless mouse may be suitable for you.

Genius Ring Styled Mini Wireless Mouse


We introduced a portable bluetooth keyboard with touchpad about one week ago, but if you want a more affordable mini keyboard, the USB mini wireless keyboard with rear touchpad may be suitable for you.

USB Mini Wireless Keyboard with Rear Touchpad

Need a bluetooth keyboard to control your IPTV, PS3, or comfortably type on your tablets? Let’s go on checking the Thumb Keyboard with rear touchpad, maybe it can meet your requirements.

Thumb Keyboard with Rear Touchpad and Bluetooth Technology