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You’ve been tired of common external hard drive? If you’re also a car fan, the 1979 Black Bandit Trans Am external hard drive may meet your requirements.

1979 Black Bandit Trans Am External Hard Drive

We have various ways to enjoy HD videos on flat panel TV, but if you want to connect them through USB port, IOGEAR USB to HDMI external HD audio and video adapter may be suitable for you.

IOGEAR USB to HDMI External HD A/V Adapter

We’ve introduced dual-slot HDD docking station. But for a computer geek, apparently the two slots aren’t enough, then let’s go on checking SATA QuickPort Quattro HDD docking station by Sharkoon.

Sharkoon SATA QuickPort Quattro HDD Docking Station

We have seen an entire set of steampunk computer, and even a steampunk workstation, now let’s check some little steampunk accessories such as the computer mouse.

Impressive Steampunk Computer Mouse

Turning any surface into computer keyboard, this scene in sci-fic film has become reality. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the following virtual laser keyboard by Celluon.

Celluon Virtual Laser Comupter Keyboard

For those big fans of Facebook, this may be a nice news. The Social Network Access Keyboard (S.N.A.K.) undoubtedly will improve your Facebook experience. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the innovative computer keyboard.

Social Network Access Computer Keyboard

Want to more conveniently operate HTPC before your television? It seems the MIX Gestures mini wireless keyboard mouse is better than a standard 101 keyboard.

MIX Gestures Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Apparently a standard PC can take up much space of tabletop. If you just want a computer to watch HD videos or surf on the Internet, DreamPlug mini computer may be suitable for you.

DreamPlug Mini Computer