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We’ve introduced various Pacman gadgets, but for those Pacman fans who always work in front of computer, the Pacman themed mouse pad may be more suitable.

Pacman Themed Mouse Pad

For busy editors, it’s very troublesome to “switch” between keyboard and computer mouse. If you feel the same, the Genius ring styled mini wireless mouse may be suitable for you.

Genius Ring Styled Mini Wireless Mouse


We introduced a portable bluetooth keyboard with touchpad about one week ago, but if you want a more affordable mini keyboard, the USB mini wireless keyboard with rear touchpad may be suitable for you.

USB Mini Wireless Keyboard with Rear Touchpad

Need a bluetooth keyboard to control your IPTV, PS3, or comfortably type on your tablets? Let’s go on checking the Thumb Keyboard with rear touchpad, maybe it can meet your requirements.

Thumb Keyboard with Rear Touchpad and Bluetooth Technology

Powerful LEGO bricks can do tons of powerful things, also including holding your powerful personal computer. Don’t believe? Let’s go on checking the incredible computer case mod.

Computer Case Made of LEGO Bricks

We’ve introduce a nice computer keyboard with iPhone dock, but if you want to type text into iPhone, the following WOW-keys keyboard should be more suitable.

WOW-Keys Keyboard for Computer, iPhone and iPod Touch

You’ve been tired of common external hard drive? If you’re also a car fan, the 1979 Black Bandit Trans Am external hard drive may meet your requirements.

1979 Black Bandit Trans Am External Hard Drive

We have various ways to enjoy HD videos on flat panel TV, but if you want to connect them through USB port, IOGEAR USB to HDMI external HD audio and video adapter may be suitable for you.

IOGEAR USB to HDMI External HD A/V Adapter