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Xiaomi Mi Box Mini Android Mini Computer with a $55 Price Tag

Xiaomi launched Mi Box Mini in China early this year. Now the Android mini computer has been available for $54.9 on Amazon. Like its AC adapter styled design or want to enjoy multimedia content on your HDTV? Let’s keep going.

Xiaomi Mi Box Mini Android Mini Computer


Touchjet WAVE Turns Your TV into a Huge Tablet with Touchscreen Functionality

You can use a mini computer to bring various apps to your HDTV, but if you also want to enjoy touchscreen, you may like to use Touchjet Wave to turn your TV into a huge tablet with touchscreen functionality.

Touchjet WAVE Mini Computer Turns TV into a Huge Touchscreen Tablet


ComputerStick Mini PC Runs Windows 10 OS

With its integrated HDMI connector, ComputerStick mini PC turns any HDTV into a computer, and it runs Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 OS, which brings you more features to your TV.

ComputerStick Mini PC with Windows 10 OS


Samsung SE370 Monitor with Integrated Wireless Charger

Samsung has unveiled their latest monitor – SE370. In addition to its screen-side features, the monitor also delivers you an integrated wireless charger for enhanced convenience.

Samsung SE370 Monitor with Qi-enabled Wireless Charger


Remix Mini Android PC Provides Better Desktop Experience

With its custom Remix OS based on Android Lollipop, Remix Mini Android PC provides a Windows-style desktop computer experience, and it only costs you $40.

Remix Mini Android PC


Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Now Available for Preorder

Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite wireless controller made its debut at E3 2015. Now the game controller has been available for preorder at Amazon.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller


Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse Announced

Razer has announced their latest Mamba wireless gaming mouse. Don’t want tangled cable to impact your gaming experience? The wireless mouse may fit you.

Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse



Keyboardio Model 01 Mechanical Keyboard Looks Like a Musical Instrument

Keyboardio’s Model 01 mechanical keyboard looks really like a musical instrument, and when you type with the keyboard, its mechanical keys witches actually deliver you nice beats.

Keyboardio Model 01 Mechanical Keyboard