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PGS Handheld Game Console Let’s Play PC Games on the Move

Lots of mobile games are too casual to draw our attention. Feel the same? Take a look at PGS, the handheld game console let’s play PC games on the move.

PGS Handheld Game Console for PC Games with Android Smartphone


Snowfox Trackerphone is a Tiny Mobile Phone with GPS Locator for Kids

We always worry about our kids when they’re not around, so Snowfox Trackerphone was born to help us keep in touch with our kids, and its GPS locator let’s see the current location on the child.

Snowfox Trackerphone with GPS Locator for Kids


Warcraft Durotan and Lothar Figural Charging Stations for Smartphone

There are lots of well designed docking stations for smartphone on the market, but for faithful fans of Warcraft, the following Durotan and Lothar figural charging stations should be two more suitable options.

Warcraft Durotan and Lothar Figural Charging Stations


OnePlus 3 Flagship Smartphone Announced

OnePlus has announced OnePlus 3, its latest flagship smartphone, and the handset has been available without needing any invitation. Want to know more about the highly expected smartphone? Let’s keep checking.

OnePlus 3 Flagship Smartphone


Lenovo Moto Z and Moto Z Force Modular Smartphones with Multiple Modules

Lenovo has announced two latest flagship modular smartphones: Moto Z and Moto Z Force. Using multiple optioinal modules, you can easily add more features to the handsets. Sounds cool? Let’s keep checking.

Lenovo Moto Z Modular Smartphone with Multiple Modules


Sony Xperia E5 Android Smartphone Announced

Sony has announced Xperia E5, its latest Android smartphone. If you have a preference for minimalistic design, the handset may draw your attention, but its low memory may limit its performance.

Sony Xperia E5 Android Smartphone


XVIDA Mountable Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android Phones

XVIDA, the mountable Qi wireless charger can be placed on the wall, desk or in your car. In addition to charging your iPhone or Android phone, it keeps your handset in place for handsfree viewing.

XVIDA Mountable Qi wireless charger



DrinkMate Ultra Compact Smartphone Breathalyzer

DrinkMate, the AA battery like device connects with your smartphone and shows your blood alcohol content. Need the feature? Let’s keep going for the ultra compact smartphone breathalyzer.

DrinkMate Compact Smartphone Breathalyzer


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