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The digital Swiss Knife is designed for your iOS or Android devices. With its built-in power bank, item finder, camera shutter and more, it will bring you more convenience. Curious? Let’s go on for KiiTAG 2.

KiiTAG 2 A Digital Swiss Knife for iOS and Android Devices

The hand is die-cut using a real woman’s hand as a mold, so the Hamee Dokkiri hand figure phone stand provides a soft way to hold your smartphone. Of course, it’s also a nice tool to play jokes on your friends.

Hamee Dokkiri Hand Figure Phone Stand

The iRing not only a universal phone stand, but also a comfortable grip, with included hook, you even can fix your phone on the dashboard. Nice idea? Let’s go on reading.

iRing Phone Stand and Grip

Xiaomi announced their latest smartphones last week, including Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. Carrying on their tradition, the two handsets have powerful specs, and the price tags of $370 and $532 look pretty compelling.

Xiaomi Announced Mi Note and Mi Note Pro Smartphones

Tangle-free design and dual sided USB connector have caught our eyes, but most importantly, SONICable charging cable allows to charge smartphone twice as fast.

SONICable Charging Cable Allows to Charge Smartphones Twice as Fast

Microsoft has announced two new smartphones, including Lumia 532 and Lumia 435. If you require nice performance and an affordable price tag, their Lumia 532 may be more suitable for you.

Microsoft Lumia 532 Windows Phone Announced

Samsung has announced Samsung Z1, the first Tizen powered smartphone. The smartphone will be available first in India for approx $92. If you’re curious, let’s keep reading.

Samsung Z1 the First Tizen Smartphone Announced

Samsung has announced Galaxy A7, a new Android phone with slim body and nice hardware. Want to know what new features will be brought by the smartphone? Let’s keep reading.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Android Phone Announced