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Finally home lighting system and music system have been out together. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the following AirBulb, the app controlled LED bulb with Bluetooth speaker.

AirBulb App Controlled LED Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

Watch Dogs will be released this May. If you have been captivated by the highly expected video game, the following Watch Dogs iPhone 5s case may be qualified to product your iPhone 5/5s.

Watch Dogs iPhone 5s Case

The blend of sleek design and practical functions has caught our eyes. If you also like the design, let’s go on checking Speck’s DuraFolio iPad mini case.

Speck DuraFolio iPad Mini Case

You can use a docking station to charge or sync your smartphone on the desk, but how to dock your smartphone on your hand or wrist? Take a look at CELLTACK, the wearable smartphone docking system should be a nice solution.

CELLTACK Wearable Smartphone Docking System

Want to add some pixelated style on your iPhone 5/5s or charge it conveniently? Take a look at Lepow’s Pixels iPhone 5s case, it may meet your requirements.

Lepow Pixels iPhone 5s Case with Removable Backup Battery

No doubt, iPad Air is a perfect learning tool, of course, you can also make it more powerful using a few gadgets such as Booq’s Booqpad iPad Air case.

Booq Booqpad iPad Air Case

Not every slim wallet can hold your numerous bank cards and cash, but if you want, the Trim leather wallet should be able to help you.

The Ultra Slim Trim Wallet

Want a creative way to add your own design on your iPhone 5/5s? Take a look at iFoolish 2 Magic Drawing iPhone 5s case, it should be a nice idea.

iFoolish 2 Magic Drawing iPhone 5s Case