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How many your iPhone cables have broken in day-to-day usage? Want a higher quality charging cable for your iPhone 5/5s? Take a look at SherWire, the Lightning cable with lifetime warranty may be a nice option.

SherWire iPhone Charging Cable with Lifetime Warranty

In addition to Bumper iPhone 5s case, Grovemade also released Bumper protective case for iPhone 5c. Want to build a great combination of vivid color and natural style? The Bumper iPhone 5c case will help you.

Grovemade Bumper iPhone 5c Case

We have seen Cushi protective cases for iPhone 5/5s, but if you want a more eye-catching option, the Puni Puni iPhone 5s case may be more suitable for you.

Puni Puni iPhone 5s Case

The flap TARDIS looks obviously a bit simple. Of course, it’s not a necessary part of your great time travel, but if you need a cool way to make your smartphone upright for viewing, the Doctor Who TARDIS iPhone stand may catch your eyes.

Doctor Who TARDIS iPhone Stand

Rugged design, integrated iPad stand and hand strap. The three features have caught our eyes. If you also need them, let’s go on checking NewTrent’s Gladius Air iPad Air case.

NewTrent Gladius Air iPad Air Case

Grovemade has released a new bumper case line for all iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 5c. If you like the combo of eco-friendly design and simple construction, let’s go on checking the wooden bumper iPhone 5s case.

Grovemade Wooden Bumper iPhone 5s Case

We don’t mind you take the little yellow duck into your bathtub. But its main mission is to make your smartphone upright. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the yellow duck phone stand.

The Yellow Duck Phone Stand

You can easily search out an available iPad stand for your iPad mini and iPad Air such as, but if you have a 3D printer, you may like to make an iPad stand by yourself.

Make Your Own PadFoot 3D Printed iPad Stand